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8 Months and Counting December 18, 2013

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Well Freddy is getting up there in age. He just turned 8 months on Sunday and is motoring along. It seems he’s reaching all the milestones Henry did at the same time of the year, only he’s two months younger than Henry was at the time. I mean just yesterday his first tooth popped out. Almost exactly two years to the day that Henry got his first tooth.

He’s cruising along like crazy and seems like he can’t stop moving. He gets obsessed with certain objects or items and can’t move on from that. We have a tiny hole in our dry wall where our baby gate used to go (Henry so graciously ripped it out of the wall). Well Freddy is crazy intense with that hole. He’ll seek it out wherever he is in the house and if we’re not paying attention, he shoves his finger in there and tries to make the hole bigger.

I’m constantly finding stuff in his mouth. Like all the time. My poor little second child. Henry never was left to stray long enough to find something to shove in his mouth. Not so for Freddy. I’ve found dirt in there, plastic, pine needles, leaves, dog food. I scoop it out but he does get a taste for it. He also thinks Ginger’s food bowl is a communal dish. I have to keep Ginger’s water elevated so that he doesn’t splash around in it.

Let’s see, what else. He’s deep into the 8 month seperation anxiety mode. He’ll be crawling around following me, crying, begging to be picked up. Often while I’m busy making dinner, cleaning etc. If I leave the room, he cries bloody murder until I return.

On the positive side though, he’s probably the easiest, friendliest baby. When he’s not freaking out away from me, he’s pretty chill. He loves food but hates baby food so we’ve been doing Baby Led Weaning and it’s been great. Hands free, no need to to spoon feed him. He loves to laugh at Henry. Chris and I can’t get the same laughs out of him as Henry does. Sometimes it’s hilarious, other times not so much, like when Henry is misbehaving. Freddy’s laughter and clapping just encourages him to continue acting out.

The best thing about this little guy is he’s a cuddler. He just loves to burrow into you to cuddle and will squeeze you tight. I’m pretty crazy about the little guy.


Hey Mama, I'm having the time of my life just standing here.

Hey Mama, I’m having the time of my life just standing here.


Freddy's started standing on his own. I caught this pic right before he plopped back down on his bum.

Freddy’s started standing on his own. I caught this pic right before he plopped back down on his bum.


His new favourite place to play, under the Christmas tree.

His new favourite place to play, under the Christmas tree.




Beautiful Exotic….Watertown? December 4, 2013

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A few weeks ago, we decided to get away with the boys for the weekend. Chris booked the Friday off and we headed on down to Watertown, NY. Why Watertown you say? Well it’s close by, has great shopping, has a zoo and did I mention it’s close by? We wanted to go somewhere where it would take us less than 2 hours to drive to. Why not Montreal you say? Well we also wanted to stay somewhere for cheap. I got a great discount at the Fairfield Inn (which is the Marriot’s discount line). My “must haves” were 1. a suite, 2. a pool and 3. complimentary breakfast. This place was 3/3. They had great customer service as well despite the fact the Henry almost got us kicked out. Chris and I are so used to his 6pm mania of running around and chattering away that we didn’t think it might bother the people below us until we got a call from reception to keep it down. Note to self, stay on first floor in the future.

We got a ton of shopping don, including Christmas shopping and made sure to have plenty of “kid” time for Henry since last time we went to Watertown, he wasn’t a huge fan. We ended up going to the Watertown zoo which houses animals native to New York State. It’s just a tiny zoo but perfect for toddlers. Plus there was an uber entertaining bear there who got into a violent fight to the death with a large tree branch. The bear won. We watched that bear for a long long time with Henry saying every few minutes “Silly Bear!!!”

The only disappointment from the trip was we were hoping to find more exotic beer and didn’t find any. Come on New York State, you’re supposed to be crawling with microbreweries! Step up for next time!

Happy to rest after a long almost 2 hour drive. Freddy was starting to lose it.

Happy to rest after a long almost 2 hour drive. Freddy was starting to lose it.


Product placement shot. Olive Garden, feel free to mail me a cheque.

Product placement shot. Olive Garden, feel free to mail me a cheque.


Had I known I was going to spend most of my weekend in here, I would have stayed home.

Had I known I was going to spend most of my weekend in here, I would have stayed home.


Hanging out at the zoo

Hanging out at the zoo


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Shopped till he dropped

Shopped till he dropped








Bad Mama!

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Henry broke my heart yesterday, with just a few words, what was a bad morning turned into the worst. Our morning had started off great. We had breakfast, watched Muppet Family Christmas for the one millionth time and made our way outside relatively easy. For those who don’t have a toddler, getting them out the door can be quite the battle. I’ve grown to hate winter just because there are added layers (pun intended) of complication in getting them outside, as in, putting them in boots and jackets so they don’t freeze to death instead of just bringing them outside as is and plopping them in the car. So yesterday, with the promise of shoveling the driveway, Henry happily put his boots, jacket, hat and mitts on. Our routine now with the snow is that he gets to “shovel” while I get the car ready. I put Freddy in the car, start it and clear off the snow or scrape the windows while he happily pushes snow from one side of the driveway to the other. Usually by the time I’m done, he’s bored with his job and is ready to go. Not so yesterday. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Ok, we put the shovel away now Henry?

Him: (very cool and calmly) no

Me: We have to go see Abby (his new daycare girlfriend), she doesn’t like to have breakfast without you.

Him: No

Me: Why don’t we put the shovel away and you can play with it when you come home with daddy later?

Him: NOOOOO!!!!

at this point he actually throws the shovel to the ground and tries to make a run for it into the house. I intercept him, grab him and bring him to the car while he kicks and screams. I’m then fighting him to strap him into his car seat as he twists and turns yelling at the top of his lungs and actually whacks me in the face at which point I get angry and yell “ENOUGH OF THIS!” and he stops just enough for me to buckle him in.

The whole way to daycare he’s yelling and screaming and crying saying “NO DAYCARE, GO HOME! SHOVEL!!! SHOVEL!!!!” and I’m telling him “I’m sorry but you have to go today, I have a lot of things to do”.

When we get to daycare, he usually jumps out of the car, this time, he’s just dead silent. I unclip him and he just sits there not even looking at me. So I tell him “ok, Freddy and I are going in” and start to walk away and nothing. I can’t leave him in the car so I put Freddy down, drag Henry out of the car and put him on his feet and lock the car door before he can try and open the door again. Well then all hell breaks loose. He’s yelling that he wants to go back in the car while Freddy and I are walking towards the door. I couldn’t really just leave him in the parking lot since it was fairly busy and I don’t trust him to not run in front of a moving car while in full tantrum mode but I kept giving the impression I was going in so he’d follow. Halfway to the door he stops and yells loudly “BAD MAMA! I NO LIKE YOU!!!” and that, was the sucker punch. It broke my heart. He eventually came in, still crying and his teacher just took him from me and told me it would be best for me to walk out because if I lingered he might think he’s coming home with me. So I said goodbye while he’s crying and screaming and walked out. When I got into the car I just lost it and started crying myself.

We’ve been having really rough nights with Freddy lately, we’ve all been sick at least twice each in the past month, we’re exhausted and the holidays haven’t even started. Not to mention the constant toddler tantrums being thrown our way. Anyways it was all too much and I broke down in the car and texted Chris that Henry called me a bad mama. When I got home, I was just emotionally spent. Good thing I had my fitmom class yesterday morning. I just pounded out all my frustration, exhaustion, anger, put it all in that workout and felt a lot better afterwards.

The thing that really sucks about these tantrums though is that Henry gets over them instantly. Apparently he was cool even before I reached my car. Me on the other hand, it’s taking me longer and longer to calm down from these moments. I also worry his early memories of me will be of me yelling things like “No Hitting! No Kicking! Stop that! I SAID STOP THAT!!!!”

When Chris picked him up yesterday, he asked Henry if he loved me and Henry said “Yeah I love mama”. Well that’s good to hear.

I'm sorry I have zero impulse control

I’m sorry I have zero impulse control