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Park Fun October 31, 2013

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On Monday I brought Henry & Freddy to the park in the afternoon to let him blow off some steam. Both had slept for less than an hour and were climbing the walls so I thought a park outing would help.  We were there about 20 minutes when Henry started getting bored. I figured we’d head back home when another mom showed up with her two sons.  They were 3yrs and 18 months old and exactly what Henry needed. He started following the oldest boy like crazy. Henry can come on a little strong with other kids but this guy was having just as much fun. The mom even offered to help Henry up the rock climbing wall of the play structure since I had Freddy strapped to me, rendering me pretty much useless. She was pretty cool herself. I started having visions of play dates with these kids. She must have sensed I was getting attached because she then dropped the bomb that they’re from Yellowknife and just visiting her parents for a month. Curse you Yellowknife!!!

We ended up spending 2 hours there. Chris even came and joined us there after work. When it came time to go home, Henry refused to leave. He lost it. Like really lost it. Chris had to drag him home kicking and screaming as Henry clawed at his face. It was right around the time where parents are waiting outside for their school aged children to arrive via bus so they got a great show. I was walking behind slightly embarrassed and explaining sheepishly “he didn’t want to leave the park”. Thank god for that one mom who answered “we’ve all been there”.  I think Henry deep down was bemoaning Yellowknife as well.

Henry telling me "you sit on the other side"

Henry telling me “you sit on the other side”


Great childminding tool...

Great childminding tool…


I Love the swing!

I Love the swing!


Me too!

Me too!


Freddy playing it fast and loose by leaning waaaay in.

Freddy playing it fast and loose by leaning waaaay in.






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