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I’ll Tell You What I Want, What I Really Really Want October 7, 2013

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In the past few weeks Henry has undergone a vocabulary explosion.  Out of nowhere he’s just chatting up a storm, repeating everything we’re saying (which has made me acutely aware of how often I swear while driving) and most of all, telling us what he wants.

Henry is very VERY good at telling us what he wants. When we were coming back from Caitlin and Brian’s wedding, we stopped at the Maple Dale cheese store near Tweed where they have various samples of cheeses. The entire time there, Henry would repeat “I want cheese, I want cheese, I want cheese”. We kind of thought it was awesome since it’s mostly aged or smoked cheddar and we thought “sweet! our kid loves fancy cheese, he’s a foodie! No kraft slices for him!”. Little did we know that by indulging his cheese request, he associated constant his constant request with actually getting it, so now, when he wants something, he just constantly repeats what he wants ad nauseum.

So now in the morning, after he’s had his milk, he’ll say “I want more milk” and we’ll say “no, you’ve had your milk” so he’ll ask a few times and them will switch “Ok, I want juice” x 100.  You know how Noriega surrendered after several days of US Troops playing Van Halen’s “Panama” over and over again. Well I know understand how he must have felt. The first 5-10 times you can kind of ignore it. You think “if I ignore him, he’ll stop” but then he’ll make physical contact, like put his hand on your arm and just keep repeating “I want juice, I want juice, I want juice…” My kid is awesome at psychological warfare apparently. When I do surrender, he claps his hands and says “YEAH!!!” like it was no effort whatsoever repeating the same sentence over 100 times.

If I don’t give in, this is what I get:




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