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Guys Weekend (by chris) September 24, 2013

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So Melina would like me to recap our madcap boys weekend.  I’m not sure how much details I can give because she already covered a great deal  and then there is the cardinal rule of what happens in a guys weekend stays in a guys weekend but here it goes.

The drive there was pretty good.  As Melina mentioned we got stuck in Perth for awhile but on the bright side I managed to hit up a brewery aptly called Perth Brewery to sample some new beers.

Upon arrival we went for a little walk so Henry could blow of steam and run around.  The resort has a small farm so we saw some pheasant, roosters, turkey’s, and pigs.  Apparently, earlier in the year they have more animals but most were now gone to the abattoir by now.  After Melina was convinced the turkey’s were plotting to kill us we went and settled into the room.


Its a wonder we made it out alive

As mentioned in Melina’s post I spent a fair bit of the night on the floor with Henry.  I felt bad for him as I assumed he was thrown off by sleeping in a strange place.  We then hit up the breakfast buffet were I stuffed myself on eggs, bacon, sausage, and the best fried tomatoes I have ever had.  Melina was then off to the beauty salon.  I took the boys for a hike in the rain.  Or more like a ride through the woods.  Henry walked for about the first 300 metres and then insisted that he go on my shoulders for the remaining 2km.  Freddy was strapped to my chest sleeping peacefully for the entire hike.  Towards the end of the hike I noticed that Henry got really quiet and kept hitting my head with his chin.  I managed to crane my head around and see that he had actually fallen asleep on my shoulders.  We then headed back to the room and changed out of our wet clothes.  As it was still raining I threw on Muppets from Space for Henry while I decided to feed Freddy. Or attempt to feed him.  It turns out Freddy is a boob man and not interested in a bottle at all.  Despite this I managed to get him down for a nap and then I put Henry down and took the opportunity for a quick nap myself.

Melina then came back looking all dolled up and fed Freddy and then immediately had to take off to get dressed.  I then woke up Henry and got the three of us looking presentable and headed to the chapel.  It soon became evident that Freddy did not want to sit during the ceremony so I had to stand and rock him.  I was in the back row so this was not an issue but then Henry got jealous and wanted me to hold him too.  Luckily, one of Caitlin cousins volunteered to take Freddy.  He loves being held by others so he quickly calmed down.   As Melina said the ceremony was short and sweet.  Afterwards, the boys and I headed back to the room for some juice, beer, and to watch some college football.

We then hit up the reception.  It was nice but it was getting late by Freddy’s standards so instead of eating I walked the patio and hallways with Freddy to keep him calm as the speeches went on.  Meanwhile, Henry decided to abandon me.  He seduced some bridesmaid at the head table and spent all night there.  I was able to lure him back briefly with a cookie but once it was done he quickly abandoned me again.  So much for “bros before…”  Once the speeches were done Melina took Freddy and I got to eat my meal.  However, after about one bite Melina came over saying I had to hurry up because she needed my help to unzip her dress to feed Freddy back in the room.  So I scarfed it down in a matter of minutes and went back to the room.  There we got the boys ready for bed and Melina headed back out.   The boys and I were all set for some hell raising when. Melina texted me saying she wouldn’t stay out much longer.  So we again had to postpone a night of debauchery.  Maybe next weekend?

Henry slept in the next day making for a relaxing little morning before we hit up the breakfast buffet again.  I then loaded up the car and we headed home.  We took a small detour to Maple Dale cheese outside of Tweed and loaded up on a bunch of old cheddar.  They have free samples out and much to my surprise Henry liked all the samples even the smoked 4 yr old.  He walked around the store saying “more cheese please”.  We then had a nice little stop in Almonte to pick up Ginger and visit with my parents before we got home.

All in all it was a great weekend. Of course any weekend I get to spend quality time with my boys I count as a great one. The brewery and cheese stops along with the lovely wedding were the icing on the cake.


For my fellow Dr. Who fans. Bow ties are cool


This way daddy


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