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Sleep Training Chronicles: Day 2 & 3 September 15, 2013

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Sleep training is going slightly better… Freddy is no longer screaming for 90 minutes which is a good thing. The past two days I’ve not been good at starting his bedtime routine at 6pm. Friday we had a late dinner so I started his routine at 7 (yeah, late dinner for us is anything past 5:30) and yesterday we had dinner at my dad’s and only got home at 8pm so we were two hours behind schedule for Freddy.

Regardless of when he goes down, whether it be 6, 7 or 8, he wakes himself up at 11pm. On day 1 I had decided to feed him at that time, not so much for day 2 and 3. On Day 2, I went to him after he cried for 5 minutes and picked him up to calm him down. He then proceeded to try and latch on to any part of my body he could find. I calmed him down a bit and put him back down in his crib where he then screamed bloody murder. I asked Chris if he could go to him next time since he was so keen on latching on, I figured maybe it would be different with Chris. So Chris went in there and within 15-20 minutes Freddy was asleep again.

At 1:30, Henry decided it was time to play “Where’s Elmo?”. He’s grown so attached to a little stuffed toy that’s about 3 inches tall and falls asleep clinging to it. As he moves throughout the night, he lets go and Elmo gets lost in the blankets or wedged between the bed and the wall. If Henry wakes up during the night and can’t find him, well he activates the alarm (a high pitched “DAAAAAADDDDYYYY!”) and we come to his room and help him find him, then all is well. So that happened at 1:30.

Afterwards, hard enough to believe, I had a really difficult time falling back asleep. I was in actual physical pain from not having nursed since 7pm. Everytime I rolled over, I felt like my boobs were lead filled bowling balls trying to rip themselves from my body. My plan had been to hold out until 5am or so to feed Freddy but when he woke up at 3, I couldn’t take anymore and I fed him. I was betrayed by my own body. He went back down again until around 6am.

Last night, Day 3, again he woke up at 11:30pm. I went to him, he tried to latch on again to my shoulder, ear, cheek. I put him back down and he shrieked in anger. I’m thinking picking him up might not be the best thing to do. I left the room and decided I would go back in 10 minutes. He was screaming and screaming and I almost gave in and went to him and all of a sudden he just stopped. Like from screaming bloody murder to deathly silence. I listened for 2-3 minutes and nothing. Then I started thinking “what if he suffocated? What if Atticus went and sat on his face?” so I got up and snuck in his room and he was peacefully sleeping.

Henry played another round of Where’s Elmo around 2am but it was a quick game and he was back asleep within minutes.

Freddy woke up again at 3am and I debated letting him cry it out again but I know now that Henry is in light sleep around this time and didn’t want him to wake up for good so I nursed Freddy again. And I’ll admit, I was in a bit of pain again so it helped relieve some of that as well.

Henry then decided to wake up at 4:30 and Chris went to him and put him back down. He then left Henry’s door open when he left his room so at 5am we had Henry come and join us. He climbed into bed between both of us, I got him some milk, he drank it then fell asleep between both of us. It was kind of nice. Freddy decided to join our little party at 6am but he then became that guy who ruined the whole vibe of the party by doing his loud babbling and refusing to fall back asleep. So I got up with him and brought him to Henry’s room in hopes of getting him to quiet down. I got him so close to falling back asleep but then Henry came in looking for me and climbed into his bed and Freddy got all hyper again and decided to be up for good.

So I’m not sure where that leaves us. I think we’re doing better but I also feel we’re doing worse with Henry who seems to be waking up more often and more early. I know partially the problem for last night was that Henry went to bed later than usual and that always ends up with a crappy night for him.  I think we’re going to have to be stricter with his bed time as well and bring it back down to 7-7:30.

Now if only I could find a way for Freddy to sleep in a bit more. He likes waking up around 5:30-6:00 but then within an hour he wants to go back to sleep. Why can’t he just sleep that extra hour right away?

I just wish sometimes you could rationalize with kids and explain to them how much they will wish they had slept more as kids when they are adults.

I love Freddy's face here. Like he's thinking "seriously dude, you're straddling my head? Come on!" Also side note: Henry's skeleton pjs glow in the dark. The first few times he's worn them, it was a bit of a shock going to him in the dark and seeing pretty much just the outline of a skeleton

I love Freddy’s face here. Like he’s thinking “seriously dude, you’re straddling my head? Come on!”
Also side note: Henry’s skeleton pjs glow in the dark. The first few times he’s worn them, it was a bit of a shock going to him in the dark and seeing pretty much just the outline of a skeleton

photo 2 (10)

Henry demonstrating “crying it out”.
Honestly, the reason he was crying, I asked him if I could take his picture to send to my mom who had requested a recent pic. He said yes, then when I started taking the picture, he got mad at me.


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  1. Kelly Says:

    All these updates help me remember what I did! I would put Owen down at 8, feed him at 11 or so (even if he didn’t wake up on his own), then that would be it until 5 (at least). Sounds like you’re getting a good handle on it!

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