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Sleep Training Chronicles: Day 1 September 13, 2013

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Yesterday I went to the movies with my friend Aline and she told me “There’s always a reason to not start sleep training”. That resonated super deeply with me. I knew I had to start soon with Freddy but I kept putting it off. My biggest concern was waking up Henry, then I had “well it’s a weeknight” and then “well tomorrow is saturday and everyone’s had a rough week so it’s a bad time to start”. Anyways after talking about it with Aline yesterday, I decided, this is it, we’re doing this.

With Henry we waited too long to sleep train. He was over 8 months old and just incredibly set in his ways. It’s almost like we had to break him and build him back up again. It was rough and I had hoped beyond all hope that Freddy would be different. I think deep down I kept thinking if I put off sleep training, he would miraculously just at some point soon start sleeping through the night. I know it was naive to think this, but a girl can hope right?

First thing I did, I decided to start Freddy’s bed time routine earlier when he showed signs of fatigue. This meant at 6pm we were making our way upstairs. I also decided that the entire routine was going to happen in his room, which meant no more lengthy lying down nursing sessions. I was sitting in our Poang chair and feeding him until he was drowsy and put him down at 6:30. He slept until 7pm and then woke up crying. I decided to modify the cry it out method in that I’ll pick him up and comfort him and then put him back down. He cried for about 30 minutes total with me picking him up at various intervals and then fell asleep again. I thought to myself “Well this couldn’t have gone better”.

I had decided that I wasn’t going to force him to go without nursing for the entire night, that I would feed him once. So when he woke up at 11, I fed him and put him back down.

At 1:30 he started waking up again and I braced myself thinking “ok, this is it, this is where you commit to this”. He groaned and moaned for about 10 minutes and that was it, he was back asleep. I was so happy. I was high fiving myself in bed, mentally writing out a blog post in my mind about how easy it had been. Then 2:30 rolled around and the real party started. Freddy just couldn’t relax. He would cry for 5 minute intervals, then stop for a minute then start again. I had told myself I wanted at least 5 hours between feedings meaning I was going to stubbornly wait it out until 4 am. Well Freddy won, at 4am on the dot, I was giving him milk. But the party didn’t stop there. Once he had fed, he was wide awake and wanted to play. I thought he’d pass out of sheer exhaustion from having cried for 90 minutes but nope, it was time to play. I closed my light and hoped he would fall asleep but he kept playing so I brought him back to his room and left him in his crib. I could hear him kicking the railings like a prisoner trying to get the warden’s attention. At 4:30 he started crying again and I asked Chris if he could go to him since I was spent. Chris went to him and noticed he had a dirty diaper. I guess I was so tired I didn’t notice. I wonder if we could have avoided a large part of last night if I had checked his diaper first. I then fed him again and he passed out until almost 7.

Unfortunately, Henry didn’t appreciate being left out of the festivities so he woke up sometime between 4:30 and 5:00. Chris went to get him and started getting ready for work while I passed out. I think at one point Henry was poking me trying to get me to wake up but I honestly don’t remember. I was out cold. I think I may have been snoring as well.

All to say, day 1 didn’t go exactly as planned. I’m hoping tonight will be better. I just wanted him to realize he can go more than 90 minutes without nursing.

I forgot how hard this whole thing is.

Henry's spent the morning in a daze just strumming the ukelele.. I think he'll perform something for us tonight around midnight.

Henry’s spent the morning in a daze just strumming the ukelele.. I think he’ll perform something for us tonight around midnight.


Do I look like I spent most of the night crying? nope.

Do I look like I spent most of the night crying? nope.



One Response to “Sleep Training Chronicles: Day 1”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Our first night sleep training with Owen was hell on earth, but I had made up my mind not to feed him until 5 am (when Brad was getting up for work and could then relieve me). I thought that if this went on I would probably die. But the second night he only woke up once, I think around 2:30, and I patted his butt (I think that’s what I did, lol) and he went back to sleep. The third night he didn’t wake up at all, and he’s been sleeping 11 hrs a night ever since – with the occasional hiccup of course! I feel like we have a pretty easy baby though and I chalk a lot of it up to luck of the draw. But maybe you will find the same. First night awful, second not so bad and so on!! Best of luck!

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