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Goodbye Titi August 22, 2013

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Henry had to say goodbye today to his favourite daycare provider, Tiffany (aka Titi) who is heading on to greener pastures as a private nanny. Last night we made her a painted flower vase which basically consisted of Henry telling me which colour he wanted and where he wanted me to squirt the paint but he seemed genuinly invested in making it look nice.

Anywho, Tiffany has been with Henry pretty much since he started daycare. I guess I should have known this day would come. She was supposed to start another job in February but it had fallen through and so I guess these 6 additional months were a blessing of sorts. She’s been so good with Henry. I remember the first few times I dropped him off in the morning and she would be there and he was freaking out, not wanting to leave my arms and she took it all in stride. She was just always patient and loving with him. If he was angry and defiant, she would give him hugs and kisses and teach him how to say “I love you”. She spoke to him in French even though it wasn’t required of her since it’s an English daycare but she made that effort for him. She would always show us pictures she’d take of the kids on her iphone like they were her own kids. When Henry did something awesome, she’d beam with pride like he was her own.  When I started bringing Freddy in for drop offs, she’d always make a point to crouch down and talk to him a little until he would smile back at her.

I almost feel like this will be harder on me than Henry! He’ll be confused next week, that’s for sure. I tried explaining to him that Titi was going away but he just looked at me like “yeah, whatevs”. I just hope he’ll be able to process this new information with minimal stress.  I have such respect and admiration for daycare providers. They decided they wanted to spend their lives taking care of other people’s children. Sometimes I feel I can barely take care of my own on the few days of the week that I have them. I honestly don’t know how Titi, and all the others, keep smiles on their faces every day when a kid has the same meltdown he has every morning. And don’t get me started on all the diaper changes!

To all those of you out there who have an awesome daycare provider, give him/her a big hug and tell them how much you appreciate them and what they do for your children. In a few years time, Henry might not remember Titi, but we certainly will.

Bye Bye Titi, we’ll miss you!

Henry's first love. He's always telling me that Titi is his girlfriend.

Henry’s first love. He’s always telling me that Titi is his girlfriend.


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