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Let Me Dust Off The Old Soap Box Here… June 13, 2013

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Ok, I’m warning you now, this post is mainly going to be one long rant.

Henry has recently been very into imaginative play. He loves playing with little figurines (we call them bonhommes here). He has a little farm that he plays with all the animals and the farmer. He’ll create these elaborate storylines with them and can keep himself entertained for a very long time. Well a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to get him a few more. I was at Toys R Us and decided to just check it out. Well I was severely disappointed in the store. First of all, it kind of annoyed me that everything is seperated by gender. There’s the boy aisles and the girl aisles. I looked long and hard in the boy aisles for little figurines that were age appropriate and found only superhero stuff. Why is it that if my boy wants to do imaginative play, it has to be with a superhero or cars? I ended up wandering to the “girl” section and found these little Dora and Diego figurines and I know he loves Dora so I got him those and he loves them.

A few weeks have gone by and I’m still kind of fuming at the whole thing. I’ve decided to no longer shop at Toys R Us. I never thought I’d be that person and I don’t have a problem with people choosing to give their kids gender specific toys, but I do have a problem when a store basically tries to tell me what’s acceptable and not acceptable based on my child’s gender. Sure they have the Playmobil section, but Henry’s a little too young for the majority of those and they carry maybe one or two Playmobil toddler toys.

Last weekend, I went to our local toy store, Tag Along Toys as they were having a 20% off everything in the store sale.  I try and shop here every Christmas since I love to support local business and the way their store is set up, there is no gender divide. It’s more a category thing. I came across these toys called “Calico Critters” and it’s these little fur covered figurines that come in families. I knew Henry would love these and got him one. Now at Toys R us, this line of toys is exclusively in the girl section but at Tag Along Toys, it’s got its own shelf right next to all other possible figurines from dinosaurs to playmobil toys. Henry loves his new little elephant family and I knew he would.


ok, rant over

Don't worry Freddy, I'll share my toys with you someday... just not today.

Don’t worry Freddy, I’ll share my toys with you someday… just not today.


2 Responses to “Let Me Dust Off The Old Soap Box Here…”

  1. gillian Says:

    I just tweeted your post to Tagalongtoys… Time to get on twitter??? 🙂

  2. Patti Says:

    Thank you so much for this great piece about Tag Along Toys. So happy to hear that you like the layout of the store and that you found Calico Critters. Thanks for supporting local.

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