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WTF? May 16, 2013

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Ok, I have to get this off my chest, I really HATE how acronyms are completely replacing the English language. I was never a fan of the usage of lol. I never, ever use it personally. Whenever I wanted to write that I was laughing, I would actually write “hahaha” and if I found something to me slightly humorous, I’d write “heheh.” I was ready to let the lol thing slide but I feel it started a whole landslide of linguistic shortcuts.

How does this tie into my blog you say? Why am I wasting your time ranting about how I hate the way people write “ROFL” or “LMAO”? Well it does relate to parenting, I swear. Often in the middle of the night, while nursing Freddy, I find myself researching stuff on babies or parenting techniques. I’m often lurking on message boards or forums trying to find answers to such questions as “How do I get my baby to sleep through the night” to “is my baby blinking too much?” I just go on these boards to see that other parents are going through the same thing or that they have the same questions. Anyways, I’ve noticed that on these boards, there’s all these invented acronyms that are topic specific to parenting. Someone will write “My LO refuses to latch on properly” and I’m stuck there at 2 am scratching my head trying to figure out what the hell “LO means”, the first time I read it, I thought “Liaison Officer?” It honestly took me a while to figure out it means “Little one”. Why can’t people just write “My kid” or “My baby”?  Others I’ve seen are “DH” which I figured means “Dear Husband” and then there’s “DD” and “DS” which I’m assuming means “Dearest Daughter” and “Dearest Son” but I’m actually guessing here. Why can’t you just write, husband, daughter, son? Why do people feel the need to code everything on these boards? We know you have a kid if you’re asking parenting questions, why must you make your question vague with all these acronyms?

I find these have significantly increased since I was on leave with Henry. Is it necessary? Why can’t you just spell it all out? It drives me crazy! The only one I actually enjoy using is “WTF” and that’s more because I don’t like swearing in front of Henry, although that took me a while to get used to as well, especially in the car if someone cuts me off, I would often yell out “What the fuck man?” and then realize Henry was in the car and say “Oh shit!” “I mean oh Crap?” “is crap swearing as well?” Damn!” “I mean darn!” so now I say “WTF man?!?!”

Freddy's already perfected his WTF? face

Freddy’s already perfected his WTF? face



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