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A-Puke-alypse Now May 8, 2013

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Horror… Horror has a face… and you must make a friend of horror…

It’s been a crazy sick week at home. We got a call from daycare on Monday saying Henry had bad diarrhea. We knew he had been off a little on Sunday but didn’t think it was that bad. They told us there were 7 confirmed cases of the flu. Chris went to pick him up and decided to run a few errands at the same time, which in hindsight he realized was a mistake when Henry puked all over himself in the Walmart parking lot. It just kind of went downhill from there. Henry had another poo bomb at home in the backyard and then went down for a 3 hour nap.

After the nap, Henry was pretty lethargic so we decided to watch a movie. We were all sitting quietly when all of a sudden Henry put his hand over his mouth and then puke just started coming out everwhere. Honestly, I thought there would be some kind of announcement that he was going to be sick. He was pretty stoic about the whole thing. It got all over me and of course landed right in the seat cushion crack. We stripped him down, cleaned the sofa, febreezed the crap out of everything and then sat down to watch some more. That’s when Freddy decided to spit up all over me as I was burping him. Of course,that all went down my cleavage and all over his face. By that time, Chris and I had pretty much had it with kids bodily functions.

Later that evening, right before bed, Henry had another poop bomb and it was probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. I’ll spare you a description. Once we got Henry to bed, we realized something was off with Freddy. He was all congested and kept choking on mucus, so out came the snot sucker and I spent pretty much all night sucking snot of his nose with that little doohickey and managed to get spit up on a few more times. FUN! Needless to say, sleep didn’t come that easily on Monday night when you listen to your 3 week old struggling to breathe.

So we kept Henry home yesterday and he slept pretty much all day but seemed better, with no poop or vomit (can’t say the same for Freddy) so decided to send him to daycare today. Well we got a call again this afternoon that he had wanted to sleep all day and within a period of 30 minutes had 3 incidents of diarrhea which required a complete wardrobe change. So needless to say, he’s earned another 24 hour ban from daycare.

This is just so frustrating. Chris’ last week of parental leave involved being drenched in snot, crap and puke. I wouldn’t be surprised if  going back to work on Monday is a bit of a relief. I’m hoping Henry will be better by next week when I’m on my own.

The Horror….. The Horror….

Ugh, my head is killing me.

Ugh, my head is killing me.

Poor little guy has been like this for the better part of the past 3 days.

Poor little guy has been like this for the better part of the past 3 days.

I believe I captured on film the exact moment Freddy got sick too. It's almost like Henry is saying "tag you're it"

I believe I captured on film the exact moment Freddy got sick too. It’s almost like Henry is saying “tag you’re it”

Now I don't feel so good.

Now I don’t feel so good.





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