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Fashion Model April 22, 2013

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A few weeks ago, Henry participated in a photo shoot at the museum of civilization. A friend of mine, Marie-Josee runs a business where she makes and sells baby/kid fashion accessories called Miss-Clip. She organized a deal with a professional photographer, Nadine Langlois who for a discounted price, would do a photo shoot of kids modeling Miss-Clip accessories. It was a great shoot. Henry modeled a great red bow tie (which we bought afterwards since he didn’t want to take it off) and a clip that keeps skinny kids pants up (which is great for kids like Henry).

At first Henry was super shy and didn’t really want to participate, but then eventually he shed his shy persona and just killed it. He didn’t want it to end. My kid just loves to ham it up for the camera. Chris and I needed more direction than he did for the few pictures we were in. We just got a CD the other day of Henry’s best shots and they’re excellent! I’d love to post all of them here however it might exceed my space allotment. Rest assured, they’re all great! Oh and Henry insisted of course on modeling his hat for the entire shoot, it’s like his confidence booster.

IMG_8466 IMG_8471 IMG_8489 IMG_8510 IMG_8521 IMG_8527 IMG_8529 IMG_8532 IMG_8548


2 Responses to “Fashion Model”

  1. Martin White Says:

    I WANT the CD Love it and you Pops

  2. MJ to the D Says:

    Wow!! I’m so not surprised that the pics are awesome, though! Nadine rocks, and Henry was such a perfect little model, super easy going and just totally cute!! Thanks so much for this blog post, you best bet I’m going to share it around!!
    Love you guys!

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