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Hello Freddy (by Chris) April 19, 2013

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Hello Everyone,

Well I have a little bit of time on my hands so I thought I would update you more on the past few days.  Saturday and Sunday were very rough on Melina with Freddy being late.  Apparently Monday morning she gave him a pep talk that it was time to come out and it sure did work.  Right before I left for work Melina told me she had had a few contractions but pretty far apart and that I should go to work. About halfway to work she texted me saying she had a few more contractions about 7 to 8 minutes apart but to keep going.  Then as I was practically pulling into the parking lot I got a call saying to come home as she had a couple big ones at 4 minutes apart.  I pulled a u turn and made it home.  When I got home I heard Melina upstairs trying to explain to Henry that she had a boo boo.  I could here Henry repeat “Mama boo boo?”  I told her we should go to the hospital.  Melina argued with me that the animals needed to be fed and Henry hadn’t had breakfast.  I told her to get in the car and I would throw food some food out for the animals and that daycare would feed Henry.  I quickly got Henry dressed and loaded him in the car.  He freaked out big time the whole way there.  I took a minute to cuddle with him before dumping him at daycare.

We arrived at the hospital and got to the childbirth unit.  Melina was only 2 cm dilated so they said we could go home or walk the halls to kick-start labour.  So we walked around the hospital with Melina stopping every 3 minutes or so to grab the wall.  Twice we were asked if we needed a wheelchair.  A little before 10 they checked Melina and she was 5 cm so they admitted her to a birthing room.  Melina hopped in the Jacuzzi tub to ride out contractions while debating when to get an epidural.  She was torn between getting it too early and slowing labour down or too late and not having it take effect.  At around 11 she opted for the epidural.  Now Melina says this ended up being too late and it didn’t take effect at all.  I on the other hand noticed some significant difference in how hard my hands were being squeezed.  Melina’s water still had not been broken so at 11:45 they broke the water.  Then 8 minutes later Freddy shot right out weighing 8lbs and 6 oz.  We recuperated in the birthing room for a bit until they moved us to a semi private room (no one else was in it so it really was private).  Henry came to visit in the afternoon.  He was a bit off at first probably more to his routine being thrown off.  He got really excited though when he saw Freddy got him a gift.  Henry got a Flynn the fire engine from Thomas the tank engine.  Henry then left and soon after a more important visitor arrived, PIZZA.  Melina’s sisters and Tom brought us a pizza. Although we had read an article a few months ago that the Queensway Carleton Hospital was improving its meal plan, that news must not have made it to their catering services. The food was pretty terrible. Thank god for that pizza and the Tim Horton’s in the hospital!

Shortly after visiting hours were over we got upgraded to a private room.  We think it may have been the same room we had with Henry but can’t be sure.  The night seemed to go easier with Freddy.  Still tiring but I think we were both more relaxed this time around.  Freddy took to the boob like a pro (insert multiple jokes here). Freddy was a tad mucus-y, in those first 24 hours he’d choke a bit on milk but we were told it was normal for babies who come out so quickly, there’s no time to express the mucus out in the birth canal.

Tuesday morning there was talk about sending us home that night depending on how the jaundice test went.  Those hopes were soon quashed though as During Freddy’s second exam it was discovered he had a heart murmur (you can all relax it is gone now).  That guaranteed that we were to stick around another day so he could be thoroughly examined the next day.

I actually got to go home this time around.  I grabbed a quick meal and a nice shower while grabbing odds and sods.  I headed back loaded with a bunch of snacks and we were greeted by a few more visitors throughout the day. Micheline and Francois brought Henry again.  This time he warmed up quickly and was fascinated by Freddy.  He wanted to hold him and gave him kisses. I must say, Henry handled the hospital visits like a pro. He didn’t even freak out when it was time to leave. I think it’s because he knew he had a sweet deal going on with his grandparents.  Melina’s grandmother and godmother Monique also dropped by for a visit. The night went pretty well.  There was one stretch of 4 hours between the start of feedings which was nice.  The next morning the pediatrician came by and gave Freddy another going over and all was well.  His murmur was gone and his billyruben count was low so they discharged us.  I think they were eager to get rid of us as the birth unit was filling up by this point.  We made it home by 10am.  We then settled in home, took a nap and went to pick up Henry from daycare.  Henry was excited to see his little brother.  He told him a story with stuffed animals and explained all the different types of crackers we have.  During this I actually got to transfer some beer into a secondary fermentor.  I had started brewing a batch on the weekend.  Then Henry went down to bed and we settled in for the night.  It was a little rough as Freddy kept feeding every 2 hours for a bit but he settle down in the wee hours of the morning.

Some highlights which I didn’t throw in to the appropriate spot.  During labour Melina screamed out “I am never doing this again” I didn’t get it on film but I have witnesses so I think I can officially say we are done with kids.  Once we were in our own room both Melina and I kind of felt like we would rather just go home.  I don’t think we wanted to be cooped up in the hospital and at first it seemed like time was going very slowly. Freddy also earned the nickname “Tomato” while in the hospital. He got so mad when the pediatrician was checking him out that he turned bright red. Melina was a bit worried about how red he got but the doctor said it was fine, so now she thinks it’s adorable.   Also I have found that I feel like I have a crazy burst of energy were I feel like I can do so much but they are intertwined with complete exhaustion. We’re settling into a bit of a routine, tomorrow will be our big test with Henry at home all day. Luckily we have a swimming lesson in the morning so that ought to tire him out a bit for the afternoon.

Hello world! My name is Frederik but you can call me Freddy.

Hello world! My name is Frederik but you can call me Freddy.


Henry calls Freddy "mon bebe" and "mon Freddy". I think he believes we just picked him up at a baby store.

Henry calls Freddy “mon bebe” and “mon Freddy”. I think he believes we just picked him up at a baby store.



2 Responses to “Hello Freddy (by Chris)”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Wonderful to hear the birth story.
    Famous last words, Melina!

  2. Martin White Says:

    Dear Freddy I loved your news and cannot wait to meet you. I hope you are letting your parents rest. We are in Paris now in a very nice apartment in a Japanese section. We are so close to the louvre that we went to it yesterday just going out for a short walk. Yesterday we hired a taxi and left Menton for nice at 0730. We sailed into the airport and onto Paris. We found a bus to the Arc de Truimpe. There was a taxi van even there for us. However he got lost. He took us to Rue des Insantes and not Rue Ste Anne. It took a bit of sorting out, finally we got here.Fabienne was waiting to meet us and show us around . she works for the company we rented the apartment and got us all sorted out. Today Gill leaves us and joins you. The plan for the rest of us is to go some parks and gardens and join the masses Loads of love Pops

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