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Membership Revoked April 14, 2013

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Well my membership to the Early Kid Club has officially been revoked. I earned that membership with Henry when he arrived 8 days early and I must say, being a member of that club felt good. I kept hearing about “late” babies and could smugly say “well Henry was 8 days early so I don’t know what that feels like”. Yes, as a former member, I can admit that there is a bit of pride/smugness about being in the club. It’s a bit of an exclusive club. Not as exclusive as the “due date club” but more so than the “late comer club”, which I am now a part of. If the baby is 8 days late, I don’t know what I’ll do. I already feel like he’s 8-9 days late. My stomach’s at maximum capacity and I’m desperate. To use my sister’s symptom description, I often feel like I’ve been “repeatedly kicked in the crotch by a professional soccer player”.  I’ve tried so many natural “inducing” methods with no positive results. I’m not willing to go the castor oil route yet. I mean, even though I’m desperate, I’m not that desperate yet.

Also, there’s the constant barrage of update requests, of people asking “well? Anything?” Honestly, if anything was happening, I would gladly share it, I would scream it from the rooftops. I sometimes wonder if the people calling expect me to go “well, now that you mention it, I have  been feeling these sharp pains every 2-4 minutes. Maybe I AM in labour? Thanks for calling, I’m off to the hospital!” I know everyone has good intentions and I’ve done it myself to others. I guess it’s just human nature to want to be a part of what’s happening.

Speaking of having babies, Chris and I were hoping to find a way to kindly say this without sounding ungrateful, once the baby does arrive, we know there tends to be an outpouring of gifts and we just want to say it’s completely unnecessary. We have so much baby/kid stuff that we have pretty much everything covered, particularly in the stuffed animal department. We’re drowning in stuffed animals, we really don’t need anymore. Oh, and the same goes for plants. We’ve reached maximum capacity of living beings requiring our care (2 kids, 2 cats, a dog and the current plants we have, not to mention Chris and myself), a plant won’t make the cut unfortunately.

Hopefully that didn’t sound too ungrateful, because I’m sooo grateful for everything everyone has volunteered to help us out with the baby. A cooked meal is always welcomed! (Chris says a case of beer as well).

And now, a current picture of my “8 days early baby”.

My happy go lucky Henry (and Ginger's bum)

My happy go lucky Henry (and Ginger’s bum)

Just remember Ginger, when the new guy gets here, I've been here longer and love you most!

Just remember Ginger, when the new guy gets here, I’ve been here longer and love you most!



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