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Stick a Fork In Me, I’m Done April 29, 2013

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So it’s been a whole week since I last posted. I’m kind of disappointed in myself about that. I had all these plans of posting daily telling people all about Freddy, making sure I remained as active in the blogging on my second child. Problem is, life has been kind of getting in the way. We’re two weeks in and are still adjusting to having a second little being to take care of. Our days have been melding one into another and it’s been a blur of activity. Freddy is a great baby. He doesn’t cry much, only when he’s hungry. He sleeps a lot as well and seems to be going a little over 4 hours between feedings at night (with the occasional early morning cluster feeding). Like I think he’s averaging being up for about 2 hours a day total. He just loves to sleep. He’s pretty gassy to which hurts him often and makes him spit up more than Henry did, but we can live with that. I bought so probiotic drops for him and hope that will help. I had forgotten how noisy babies are when they sleep. With Henry, every single noise he made I’d jump up and run to the bassinet to make sure he was ok. This time, I roll over and say to myself  “can’t you sleep quietly?”  I think our approach overall is different this time around. A few people have mentioned a lack of tension, one which I carried when Henry was a newborn.

I used to get so stressed hearing Henry cry when he was this age. Now it doesn’t seem so bad compared to the freak out tears of a toddler. Yeah, things haven’t been easy with Henry lately. Especially this past weekend with him being sick. We could handle one kid being up every few hours at night. Having both be up at night, at different times, is tough. Thank god Chris is home for another 2 weeks, we’ve been splitting parenting duties at night. I feed Freddy, he deals with Henry who seems to be regressing with his sleep, up all night crying. Henry’s been a lot more clingy with me lately too. He loves Freddy with all his heart, but I’m certain he’s noticed a bit more of a divide in attention. He wants to be with me all the time. At night, he wants me to read to him and put him down for bed. When I’m nursing, he wants to sit in my lap. If he doesn’t get his way, it’s meltdown city. This morning I was trying to get him ready for daycare and he wanted to go out our back door, not the front, so he lost it and was flailing his hands around and scratched my face right at the corner of my eye. I kept hearing that toddlers have tantrums but I sometimes feel like we’re the only ones going through these ups and downs. Luckily most of my friends with toddlers have confirmed that they’ve all been through this. I swear, the Hulk is modeled after a 2 year old kid not getting his way.

Anywho, all this leads me to the actual topic I wanted to discuss. I think I mentioned this in a previous post while I was pregnant. I had wondered out loud “how do you know you’re done having kids?” At the time I didn’t feel strongly one way or another. If I was honest, I was leaning more towards wanting another child but I think deep down, it was me wanting another kick at the can to have a girl. Now that Freddy is here, I look at him and Henry and feel complete. I love them with all my heart; tantrums, midnight feedings and all. I have everything that I need and want with my boys and to be honest, I don’t know if I have it in me to go through this all again. I’m eagerly looking forward to my boys being a bit older and a bit more self sufficient. As Roger Murtaugh (aka Danny Glover) famously said “I’m too old for this sh*t”… and recently, I mean that literally.

So this is Henry during a better period. He tends to clam up when I pull out my camera during a tantrum. I guess he knows there's a strong chance it will make it on the blog.

So this is Henry during a better period. He tends to clam up when I pull out my camera during a tantrum. I guess he knows there’s a strong chance it will make it on the blog.

Yeah, I'm pretty adorable aren't I?

Yeah, I’m pretty adorable aren’t I?

Freddy doing what Freddy does best. ZzzzzZZzzzz....

Freddy doing what Freddy does best. ZzzzzZZzzzz….






Fashion Model April 22, 2013

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A few weeks ago, Henry participated in a photo shoot at the museum of civilization. A friend of mine, Marie-Josee runs a business where she makes and sells baby/kid fashion accessories called Miss-Clip. She organized a deal with a professional photographer, Nadine Langlois who for a discounted price, would do a photo shoot of kids modeling Miss-Clip accessories. It was a great shoot. Henry modeled a great red bow tie (which we bought afterwards since he didn’t want to take it off) and a clip that keeps skinny kids pants up (which is great for kids like Henry).

At first Henry was super shy and didn’t really want to participate, but then eventually he shed his shy persona and just killed it. He didn’t want it to end. My kid just loves to ham it up for the camera. Chris and I needed more direction than he did for the few pictures we were in. We just got a CD the other day of Henry’s best shots and they’re excellent! I’d love to post all of them here however it might exceed my space allotment. Rest assured, they’re all great! Oh and Henry insisted of course on modeling his hat for the entire shoot, it’s like his confidence booster.

IMG_8466 IMG_8471 IMG_8489 IMG_8510 IMG_8521 IMG_8527 IMG_8529 IMG_8532 IMG_8548


Hello Freddy (by Chris) April 19, 2013

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Hello Everyone,

Well I have a little bit of time on my hands so I thought I would update you more on the past few days.  Saturday and Sunday were very rough on Melina with Freddy being late.  Apparently Monday morning she gave him a pep talk that it was time to come out and it sure did work.  Right before I left for work Melina told me she had had a few contractions but pretty far apart and that I should go to work. About halfway to work she texted me saying she had a few more contractions about 7 to 8 minutes apart but to keep going.  Then as I was practically pulling into the parking lot I got a call saying to come home as she had a couple big ones at 4 minutes apart.  I pulled a u turn and made it home.  When I got home I heard Melina upstairs trying to explain to Henry that she had a boo boo.  I could here Henry repeat “Mama boo boo?”  I told her we should go to the hospital.  Melina argued with me that the animals needed to be fed and Henry hadn’t had breakfast.  I told her to get in the car and I would throw food some food out for the animals and that daycare would feed Henry.  I quickly got Henry dressed and loaded him in the car.  He freaked out big time the whole way there.  I took a minute to cuddle with him before dumping him at daycare.

We arrived at the hospital and got to the childbirth unit.  Melina was only 2 cm dilated so they said we could go home or walk the halls to kick-start labour.  So we walked around the hospital with Melina stopping every 3 minutes or so to grab the wall.  Twice we were asked if we needed a wheelchair.  A little before 10 they checked Melina and she was 5 cm so they admitted her to a birthing room.  Melina hopped in the Jacuzzi tub to ride out contractions while debating when to get an epidural.  She was torn between getting it too early and slowing labour down or too late and not having it take effect.  At around 11 she opted for the epidural.  Now Melina says this ended up being too late and it didn’t take effect at all.  I on the other hand noticed some significant difference in how hard my hands were being squeezed.  Melina’s water still had not been broken so at 11:45 they broke the water.  Then 8 minutes later Freddy shot right out weighing 8lbs and 6 oz.  We recuperated in the birthing room for a bit until they moved us to a semi private room (no one else was in it so it really was private).  Henry came to visit in the afternoon.  He was a bit off at first probably more to his routine being thrown off.  He got really excited though when he saw Freddy got him a gift.  Henry got a Flynn the fire engine from Thomas the tank engine.  Henry then left and soon after a more important visitor arrived, PIZZA.  Melina’s sisters and Tom brought us a pizza. Although we had read an article a few months ago that the Queensway Carleton Hospital was improving its meal plan, that news must not have made it to their catering services. The food was pretty terrible. Thank god for that pizza and the Tim Horton’s in the hospital!

Shortly after visiting hours were over we got upgraded to a private room.  We think it may have been the same room we had with Henry but can’t be sure.  The night seemed to go easier with Freddy.  Still tiring but I think we were both more relaxed this time around.  Freddy took to the boob like a pro (insert multiple jokes here). Freddy was a tad mucus-y, in those first 24 hours he’d choke a bit on milk but we were told it was normal for babies who come out so quickly, there’s no time to express the mucus out in the birth canal.

Tuesday morning there was talk about sending us home that night depending on how the jaundice test went.  Those hopes were soon quashed though as During Freddy’s second exam it was discovered he had a heart murmur (you can all relax it is gone now).  That guaranteed that we were to stick around another day so he could be thoroughly examined the next day.

I actually got to go home this time around.  I grabbed a quick meal and a nice shower while grabbing odds and sods.  I headed back loaded with a bunch of snacks and we were greeted by a few more visitors throughout the day. Micheline and Francois brought Henry again.  This time he warmed up quickly and was fascinated by Freddy.  He wanted to hold him and gave him kisses. I must say, Henry handled the hospital visits like a pro. He didn’t even freak out when it was time to leave. I think it’s because he knew he had a sweet deal going on with his grandparents.  Melina’s grandmother and godmother Monique also dropped by for a visit. The night went pretty well.  There was one stretch of 4 hours between the start of feedings which was nice.  The next morning the pediatrician came by and gave Freddy another going over and all was well.  His murmur was gone and his billyruben count was low so they discharged us.  I think they were eager to get rid of us as the birth unit was filling up by this point.  We made it home by 10am.  We then settled in home, took a nap and went to pick up Henry from daycare.  Henry was excited to see his little brother.  He told him a story with stuffed animals and explained all the different types of crackers we have.  During this I actually got to transfer some beer into a secondary fermentor.  I had started brewing a batch on the weekend.  Then Henry went down to bed and we settled in for the night.  It was a little rough as Freddy kept feeding every 2 hours for a bit but he settle down in the wee hours of the morning.

Some highlights which I didn’t throw in to the appropriate spot.  During labour Melina screamed out “I am never doing this again” I didn’t get it on film but I have witnesses so I think I can officially say we are done with kids.  Once we were in our own room both Melina and I kind of felt like we would rather just go home.  I don’t think we wanted to be cooped up in the hospital and at first it seemed like time was going very slowly. Freddy also earned the nickname “Tomato” while in the hospital. He got so mad when the pediatrician was checking him out that he turned bright red. Melina was a bit worried about how red he got but the doctor said it was fine, so now she thinks it’s adorable.   Also I have found that I feel like I have a crazy burst of energy were I feel like I can do so much but they are intertwined with complete exhaustion. We’re settling into a bit of a routine, tomorrow will be our big test with Henry at home all day. Luckily we have a swimming lesson in the morning so that ought to tire him out a bit for the afternoon.

Hello world! My name is Frederik but you can call me Freddy.

Hello world! My name is Frederik but you can call me Freddy.


Henry calls Freddy "mon bebe" and "mon Freddy". I think he believes we just picked him up at a baby store.

Henry calls Freddy “mon bebe” and “mon Freddy”. I think he believes we just picked him up at a baby store.



Membership Revoked April 14, 2013

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Well my membership to the Early Kid Club has officially been revoked. I earned that membership with Henry when he arrived 8 days early and I must say, being a member of that club felt good. I kept hearing about “late” babies and could smugly say “well Henry was 8 days early so I don’t know what that feels like”. Yes, as a former member, I can admit that there is a bit of pride/smugness about being in the club. It’s a bit of an exclusive club. Not as exclusive as the “due date club” but more so than the “late comer club”, which I am now a part of. If the baby is 8 days late, I don’t know what I’ll do. I already feel like he’s 8-9 days late. My stomach’s at maximum capacity and I’m desperate. To use my sister’s symptom description, I often feel like I’ve been “repeatedly kicked in the crotch by a professional soccer player”.  I’ve tried so many natural “inducing” methods with no positive results. I’m not willing to go the castor oil route yet. I mean, even though I’m desperate, I’m not that desperate yet.

Also, there’s the constant barrage of update requests, of people asking “well? Anything?” Honestly, if anything was happening, I would gladly share it, I would scream it from the rooftops. I sometimes wonder if the people calling expect me to go “well, now that you mention it, I have  been feeling these sharp pains every 2-4 minutes. Maybe I AM in labour? Thanks for calling, I’m off to the hospital!” I know everyone has good intentions and I’ve done it myself to others. I guess it’s just human nature to want to be a part of what’s happening.

Speaking of having babies, Chris and I were hoping to find a way to kindly say this without sounding ungrateful, once the baby does arrive, we know there tends to be an outpouring of gifts and we just want to say it’s completely unnecessary. We have so much baby/kid stuff that we have pretty much everything covered, particularly in the stuffed animal department. We’re drowning in stuffed animals, we really don’t need anymore. Oh, and the same goes for plants. We’ve reached maximum capacity of living beings requiring our care (2 kids, 2 cats, a dog and the current plants we have, not to mention Chris and myself), a plant won’t make the cut unfortunately.

Hopefully that didn’t sound too ungrateful, because I’m sooo grateful for everything everyone has volunteered to help us out with the baby. A cooked meal is always welcomed! (Chris says a case of beer as well).

And now, a current picture of my “8 days early baby”.

My happy go lucky Henry (and Ginger's bum)

My happy go lucky Henry (and Ginger’s bum)

Just remember Ginger, when the new guy gets here, I've been here longer and love you most!

Just remember Ginger, when the new guy gets here, I’ve been here longer and love you most!



Elmo Is My Friend, Not My Foe April 3, 2013

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Henry has become crazy obsessed with Elmo lately. Like CRAZY obsessed. Before Christmas, we would occasionally watch Elmo videos on Youtube and Henry seemed to enjoy it, but it didn’t seem like it was a big deal. After Christmas, things changed. He found an Elmo doll I had bought him when he was about 6 months old and started carrying it around with him everywhere. In January, every time he would see the iPad, he would yell out “ELMO!!!”. Then it just kind of spiraled down from there. We had a few Sesame Street books at home that he never cared about, but now all of sudden, we have to go through them several times a day and he points out all the characters in it. It’s no longer just about Elmo, although he’s the popular one in our family. He’s also a big fan of “Ookie” (cookie monster), “Big Bed” (big bird), “Ah-ah-ah” (the Count), “Mernie” (Ernie), “But” (Bert), “Moee” (Zoe), “Roveh” (Grover) and “Mosceh” (Oscar).

Even when we’re out and about now, he’ll zero in on anything Sesame Street. We were at Bulk Barn on Monday and he starts yelling “Elmo! Ookie!” over and over again and both Chris and I are wondering what the heck is going on, then we look up above the shelves and there are Sesame Street pinatas.

At first I was slightly annoyed by this obsession. Like him needing to have his Elmo dolls (plural now since my mom bought him one recently) wherever he goes in the house. Or the constant reading and re-reading of his two Sesame Street books. I had always pictured myself as one of those parents who doesn’t buy into brand name things and well, Elmo is like the most brand name thing out there for kids practically. Anyways, after a while though, I decided to just go with the flow and stop acting like Elmo was my parenting enemy. We watch Elmo’s World videos now online and they’re not that bad, they have a set format that Henry loves and can follow.

I’ve also started using Elmo to help with parenting and teaching Henry things. Henry will tell me now when Elmo “poops” and needs a diaper change. A big step towards potty training! If only he could tell us when Elmo thinks he’s going to poop instead of afterwards. He’s also sharing his food and drink (pretend) with Elmo and I love that he feels empathy towards this doll and wants to nurture it. He’ll even put Elmo to bed and tell him “dodo”. I have high hopes that all this helpfulness towards Elmo will be transferable to the baby when he’s born.

Check out my best bud!

Check out my best bud!


Easter Weekend (by Chris) April 1, 2013

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Okay this may be a long post as we were fairly busy this weekend.  First off the most exciting news is that Henry is now sleeping in his new room in a regular bed.  Starting Friday he took all his naps and slept all his nights in a regular bed.  He transitioned no problem and we are very proud of him.

Now for the rest of the weekend


Friday morning we headed off to Almonte to make good on a long overdue Christmas present.  We went to Gill and Georges’ were Melina began the process of making custom fitted sheets for their bed.  Apparently finding proper fitted sheets are the bane of Gills existence while George couldn’t care less.  We snacked on some fresh sourdough bread that I had baked that morning and then set of to work.  I was half involved which meant I got to play with Josie, Greta, and Henry between doing various tasks for Melina.

George and Gill were nice enough to take Henry for a walk with Josie and Greta so Melina and I could get down to serious business.  It also must have tuckered Henry out because we left shortly after they came back and he slept the entire way home and then some more in his new bed.

When he woke up I took Henry and we did some chores while Melina took a nap.  This involved me trying to supervise Henry while cleaning out the garage.  He would get bored so we then headed to do chores in the back yard until he got bored there.  We then switched back to the garage and repeated until it was time to head inside.  Needless to say I didn’t manage to get a great deal done.

We then headed to Mongolian Village for dinner.  Henry sat by the window and waved to everyone who came and left the restaurant.  He also wolfed down a lot of rice.


He loves to eat from chopsticks.


Saturday was quite the busy day. We spent the morning running errands at the Beer Store, Home Depot, Rona, and Ikea.  Normally I feel I could have done these errands in 2 hours max but having a toddler (and pregnant wife) in tow meant it took the full morning.  We then returned for nap time.  There was a lot of fussing and crying but I eventually got Melina down for her nap.  I then took to the business of seriously cleaning out the garage.  Which meant when Melina woke up she saw this surprising sight.


The car has not seen the inside of the garage for over a year thanks to renovations.

After I finished cleaning the garage I came inside and Melina and Henry were still asleep.  I decided to lie down and about 2 seconds after I turned on the TV Henry woke up.  I swear that kid can sense when I am relaxing.  So it was back to work.  I finally put up the moulding on the bathroom door, fixed some kitchen cabinets that were off kilter, and put together some Ikea furniture.  We then Headed to Aylmer for Easter with Melina’s family.

Upon arriving in Aylmer Henry was immediately faced with the challenge of competing with his cousins for Easter eggs.  Henry quickly rose to the challenge managing to grab four at a time with one hand.  The hilarious thing is that Henry still hasn’t realized that the eggs are chocolate.  He just thinks it’s a game to find foil wrapped eggs.   I have a feeling next Easter hewill have clued in and actually expect to eat the eggs.

Egg Hunting is very serious work

Egg Hunting is very serious work

Dinner there was great.  Melina’s Aunt Odette and Uncle Daniel made a wonderful Italian meal.  There was homemade gnocchi, cannelloni, penne, and one of the best Caesar salads I have ever had.  It had anchovies in it which made it very tasty.


Sunday morning we didn’t get up much.  Henry and I went for a walk through the park.  Since it was just a short walk I decided to leave Ginger at home.  I think she now hates me.  At 10am I tried putting Henry down for a nap since we were due in Almonte by noon and wanted him to nap first.  I lay down with him because I was tired too, and I thought it might encourage him to nap.  Instead what happened is that Henry ended up quietly playing in bed next to me.  However, once I fell asleep Henry decided it was time to poke me in the  face and crawl on top of me.

Once it became obvious that Henry wasn’t sleeping we headed out to Almonte.  Henry was in for a surprise because the Easter Bunny was there right before us so it was time for another Easter egg hunt.  Henry took to it like a champ.  Josie even helped him out which was a good thing because they were competing against the dogs who found some of the eggs and gobbled them up.

We then had a wonderful lunch talking about the trip to France that we are missing because apparently it’s not a good idea to book plane tickets two days before the baby’s due date.   After lunch we headed home.  Henry immediately passed out in his car seat upon leaving the driveway.  We ended up taking the long way home so he could sleep some more but he ended up staying sound asleep even once we got home.  He then woke up and had a bunch of meltdowns until we put him down for the night.  I had to try twice but apparently Melina had the magic touch because she ended up getting him to sleep.

Cool a foil egg

Cool a foil egg

Putting it into the basket

Adding it to his stash

Check out the haul

Check out the haul


This morning I made Henry pancakes.  He was so touched he pushed the plate aside because he obviously though they were too magnificent to eat.  We then sneaked out to the Sippy Cup café so Henry could play and I could get my caffeine fix while Melina slept in as she wasn’t feeling well.  Melina was able to quickly deduce where we were (might have something to do with the fact that I checked in our location on Facebook).  She decided to join us and ordered a bagel and cream cheese which must have not been magnificent because Henry ate most of it on her.

We then headed home but only for an instant because we decided to go for a walk at the Old Quarry trail by Hazeldean and Eagleson.  We first stopped at bulk barn to stock up on some birdseed as we heard the birds there fly into your hand to eat.  We then hit the trails.  We walked about a kilometer in and didn’t even hear a bird let alone see one.

Heartbroken due to the birds shunning us.

Heartbroken due to the birds shunning us.

They must have just needed a little bit to warm up to us because once we started to walk back the chickadees started to swarm us.

Hello Chickadee

Hello Chickadee

Can't tell it from this photo but Henry found the birds quite amusing

Can’t tell it from this photo but Henry found the birds quite amusing

Some deer even started to approach us but once they realized all we had was bird seeds they quickly left.


The deer telling us to bring apples next time

This was the funnest part of the walk for Henry.  A big puddle to splash in.

This was the best part of the walk for Henry. A big puddle to splash in.

Well that’s about everything.  I hope all of you had a happy easter.