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Grand-Maman Guest Post March 10, 2013

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Last night we were given a night off from parenting, well and overnight off which is always appreciated given that we can stay out/up a little later without having to worry about our 6am wake up call. Chris and I went for dinner at La Favourita in Little Italy then went and celebrated our friend Mike’s birthday party at the Heart and Crown in the market. I can’t remember the last time I was there. It’s been years. I felt I was silently being judged for being pregnant in a bar, I wanted to carry a sign that says “don’t worry, I’m not drinking”. Anywho, my parents offered a few weeks ago to look after Henry. They were also looking after Logan and Niko since Steph and Martin were supposed to go to a wedding. So they had 3 kids overnight. I thought it would be cool if my mom did a guest post about her experience and she happily obliged, heck she even took pictures knowing my loving readers would want to see what went down. So, without further ado, here are my mom’s thoughts on her overnight guests.

Three Amigos or Three Musketeers?

This is my first blog entry ever!  Sooo… here goes;

This weekend, in order to give Melina and Steph a well deserved break, Francois and I decided to have our three grandsons over for a sleepover and give their respective parents a night out on Saturday and a chance to sleep in on Sunday.

We had forgotten that when the three grand babies get together, they turn into their own version of the Three Amigos and the Three Musketeers all mixed in for good measure. Having three little boys, 4 years and under with two of them still in diapers is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work when you realize that your house is not quite as childproof as it should be and that you are much slower than you thought you were.

I swear, Henry and Niko can get into anything not specifically locked, taped down, wired shut, or seemingly unreachable, faster than you can blink. Logan for his part is becoming quite the little jokster, so mix all of that up and grand-maman and grand-papa were running ragged.

Luckily for us, the new toys were discovered and totally appreciated. Who knew that Playmobile Bernese mountain dogs would be such a hit? Still there was time for roughhousing, activity books and lots of juice and cookies. And of course pizza was served followed by the ritual three cousins in the bathtub routine as well as the requisite Ice Age movie.

One by one they fell asleep, one as lovely as the next, until all was quiet in the house, including us.  Actually especially us.

We all had a good night’s sleep except for our dog who did not appreciate being booted out of her usual napping place.

This morning, it was so much fun waking up to the sound of babies in the house, we brought them into our bed an cuddled quietly for a while until it was time to start the circus all over again.

After they left, the house felt empty and awfully quiet all of a sudden.

We realize that we are truly blessed to have such wonderful little boys in our lives and we look forward to the next time we will have them sleep over, but for now, I believe a nap is calling my name…

Breakfast buddies. You'll notice Elmo in a lot of these pictures. Henry's going through a bit of a phase.

Breakfast buddies. You’ll notice Elmo in a lot of these pictures. Henry’s going through a bit of a phase.

Having a breakfast safari with all my animal friends

Having a breakfast safari with all my animal friends.

morning play

morning play

Three amigos together

Three amigos together

Niko crawling away to do his own thing.

Niko crawling away to do his own thing.

One more of the three being goofy together.

One more of the three being goofy together.







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