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Refocus March 5, 2013

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Well now I had written up a post a few days ago but had not published it. It was all about trying to find a balance between my kids. How I had spent so much time focused on my pregnancy with Henry and not so much time focused on this one since my time is still consumed by Henry. It was about trying to find a way to make things equal between my kids, to make sure one doesn’t feel like the other receives advantages or attention that the other doesn’t. I’ve seen it happen too much, a kind of inequality between kids and the time and activities they get to spend/do with others that I want to avoid going down that road.

Well the baby decided to take matters into his own hands. The day I was going to write about trying to find time to focus on this pregnancy and my last remaining weeks, I found out that Little Bean is a footling breech. Meaning, if I were to go into labour, he’d come out feet first. That kind of forced me to grind to a halt and seriously focus on what’s currently happening with my body and my baby. I’ve talked to doctors, mid wives, searched the internet, looking for anything that could help little Bean flip over. Henry’s birth was painful but fast and my recovery time was very quick. I had thought the same would happen with this little guy, so when the word “c-section” started getting thrown around by my OB/GYN, I started panicking. I’m not ready to think about that option right now. From what I’ve heard, a footling breech can be more complicated that other types of breech if I were to go into labour since there’s an increased risk of the chord coming out first which is a big no-no. So all my efforts have been focused on flipping him now, before it gets there.

I’ve heard people say their babies flipped right at the last minute so I still have time (a little less than 6 weeks to be exact) but here’s what I’ve done/tried so far:

1- Inversions. This is basically where I put my knees on the edge of the bed and lower my body so I’m resting my forearms on the floor with my head tucked under while doing a pelvic tilt. I do this for 30-60 seconds a few times a day.

2. Breech tilts. I put a plywood plank up against a settee in my bedroom at a 45 degree angle and basically lie on upside down on it for 20 minutes, about 3 times a day. This one seems to get the little guy moving. I felt him turn a little but not enough. For the entire weekend he felt like he himself was at a 45 degree angle and was kicking out my sides. I’m going to keep trying this one and hope he goes with the flow.

3. this one’s a bit silly but it got him moving, unfortunately not enough. While doing the breech tilt, I put a bag of frozen veggies on the top of my belly and a hot pack on the base of my pelvis. The theory is that the baby won’t like having cold on his head and will turn to seek out the warmth. They also encourage you to press a flashlight against the bottom of your tummy to “guide” him there. I did all of that. He didn’t like the cold, and let me know he didn’t like it, but he remained put.

Tomorrow I’m going to see my Osteopath to see if he can help flip this baby (I feel like that could be a cool title for a TLC show about blinging out a baby I keep picturing Ty from Extreme makeover Home Edition yelling “FLIP THAT BABY!!). I then have an appointment with my OB on Thursday and am hoping he’ll have turned by then. If not, then at week 37 I’m going to the general hospital for an external cephalic version (ECV). This is a bit more invasive version of flipping the baby that involves relaxing drugs, ultrasound and pain (from what I’ve heard). I’d have to be monitored for a while afterwards as well since it could start labour.

I’m not even ready to think further than this right now should the ECV not work. But now Little Bean knows he’s got my full attention!

Heeeeeeeere's BEANY!! I got your attention now, don't I?

Heeeeeeeere’s BEANY!! I got your attention now, don’t I?


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