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Been Around The Block… February 5, 2013

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When it comes to different healing therapies for pregnancy pains, I’ve gone to pretty much anyone claiming they can offer relief. For Henry I limited myself to just a massage therapist, and I only had to go see her when I was over 30 weeks pregnant.

This time it’s different. From what I’ve been told, I didn’t wait the “appropriate amount of time” for my body to heal from my first pregnancy/childbirth experience. It seems the magic number is 2 years.  Did you know that? I didn’t. Anyways, all the painful symptoms I felt with Henry in my last 5-10 weeks I started feeling around week 16 with this little fellah. Sciatic nerve pain, numb bum (love that word), foot pain, pelvic pain. The list goes on. What the heck happened to my body? Well for one thing, it would seem Henry “traumatized” my pelvis which means it’s not able to support little bean as well as it did for him.  I heard that part of the blame could be from the quick delivery I had with Henry. The way he tore out of there, didn’t give my body the appropriate amount of time to “open up” as nicely as it wanted to.

Anyways, this time around, like I’ve said, I’ve tried pretty much everything and I thought I’d give an opinion on each one for you my lovely readers who might be wondering “who should treat my pregnancy pains?”

1. Massage Therapy: I’m a bit of a spa-junkie. So the idea of getting a pregnancy massage wasn’t that scary for me. What was scary was the idea of lying on my side the entire time. I didn’t think I’d be able to relax. Well I found a massage therapist (I started seeing her when I was pregnant with Henry) who specializes in pregnancy massages and has a special table where I can comfortably lie on my stomach, there’s a hole in the pillow to accommodate your tummy and two more holes to accommodate a sore chest.  Anyways, I always feel great after a massage with Mayela.  With Henry, it was all I needed, but this time around I needed something a bit more. So I started looking for something to supplement my “once every 3 weeks” pregnancy massage.

2. Chiropractor: I went a few times to a chiropractor this time around. At first I felt like it was helping. I was sleeping better, but then things changed. I felt like I was being sucked further and further into a cult-like mentality. I wanted to deal with my pregnancy pains and they wanted to establish a 20 year healing process and with me committing to an adjustment 3 times a week. I’ve heard there are chiropractors out there who will treat just what’s bothering you, but I haven’t been able to find one yet. I went a few weeks then felt like things weren’t really improving. In fact, the last time I went, during an adjustment, they pushed on something and I felt a pain somewhere else develop. Plus they wanted me to lie on my stomach which wasn’t very pleasant as there were no tools to accommodate pregnant women. If this is a path you want to take, make sure that they are specially certified and pregnancy. I had asked when I called and they said  they were, but after a few visits, I felt like I wasn’t being treated for my pregnancy issues and that in fact, they didn’t specialize in it. **Caveat** I don’t want to get blasted here by all chiro believers. I know it works for some, I’ve seen it work for them, it just wasn’t working for me this time around. Anyways, after 3 weeks (and like a total of 9 visits) I gave up on this one.

3 Physiotherapy: This one I actually love. I found a physiotherapist near my house (Kanata North Physiotherapy) and before opening his own practice, he worked with pregnant women out of the hospital. He knows babies and pregnant women. James got right to treating what was bothering me (my sciatic nerve) and worked on strengthening my lower back muscles to help support the weight gain associated with pregnancy. He’s always honest with me, telling me the pros of this problem is that, once I’ve given birth, the pain should be gone. The con is that the pain can shift constantly until that point since the baby is growing and my body is constantly changing.  I’ve gone for a few weeks now and I’ve felt a great improvement. The “numb bum” feeling doesn’t come instantly the second I sit at my desk. I also like that his approach is “go as you feel”. I don’t have to schedule my next 75 appointments in the next 3 weeks. I’m at a stage now where if I have pain, I can make an appointment but we don’t have to keep a regular schedule.

4. Osteopathy: I’ve only done this one once. I’ve mentioned Elliot Vlad before and the wonders he’s done with Henry. Well he called a few weeks to let me know of a cancellation so he could see Henry again and I mentioned that I was 7 months pregnant. He squeezed me into his busy schedule right away. He saw Henry first, then he saw me. Again I was amazed with what he did for Henry. Whatever it was, Henry got very quiet and relaxed and just let his body be manipulated. I was expecting the same kind of delicate treatment but found out quickly that I have to work at this as well. I got a bit of an overall adjustment on my first appointment and when I left, I felt so good. For days I felt really good. The inevitable wear and tear returned, but I knew to expect that since my body is changing. I just really like the atmosphere that Elliot puts out there. He explains every single thing he’s doing and tells you why he’s using certain processes. Although I was just in my underwear the entire time, I never felt embarrassed or self conscious. He just puts people at ease. I should mention here to that he’s uber busy, so it’s really difficult to get on his patient list. But if you want a great osteopath, keep trying to book him, you won’t regret it.

So, now I’ve given you a bit of all the treatments I’ve done so far. If you’re covered by insurance, I would recommend doing the massage, physio and osteo. Basically the massage is for short term relief, the physio lasts a bit longer and the osteo is like a body corrective measure. All three combined are pure bliss!

Tee-Hee, I traumatized your body... My bad!

Tee-Hee, I traumatized your body… My bad!


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