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Big Time Nesting January 8, 2013

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The nesting phase of my pregnancy has hit me pretty hard and fairly early this time around. With Henry it started after the holidays as well, but I had about a month left of my pregnancy at the time. I’m not sure if I just mentally prepared myself for “after the holidays” again.

I’ve become obsessed with rehauling the entire way we live. I want to organize everything in the house, make Martha Stewart proud. I think my post the other day about all the stuff I wanted to do kind of spurred me on. Only problem is that I don’t know if I can wait until I’m off work. This weekend, I’m hoping to go through our pantry and fridge and make an inventory like I did for our freezer. I want to make sure we’re not always getting more of the same stuff we never eat (I’m looking at you Breton crackers!).

Another thing I’m hoping to do is start price matching when grocery shopping. I think I’ve managed to convince my friend Courtenay to show me the secret world of Price Matching and Coupon Using. She has an entire process that she goes through in which I’m hoping I can tag along and take notes. Heck, maybe I could convince her to do a guest post? (you reading Courtenay?).  I’ve always been interested in trying this out, but I think the nesting feeling I’m having, plus the fear of knowing that someday in the near future, I will be feeding two teenage boys has made me want to save as much money while grocery shopping.


I’ve mentioned wanting to prepare Henry’s new room. Which I will wait until I’m off work since I’d like to only work on it once new flooring is in. Only problem is that right now, it’s a guest bedroom/dumping ground. We’ve been using the closet in there for years as where we store our luggage, fans, boxes of office crap, my wedding dress. It’s also where we put a bunch of tools and supplies while doing the bathroom renovations. So basically, the whole room as to be emptied before we prepare Henry’s room. Meaning we have to make room for all that stuff elsewhere.  We have a storage room in the basement, we just have to organize it. Like Tim Gunn from Project Runway would say, we have to “Make it Work!” I know we can do it, we’ll just have to be smarter about our storage solutions.

We also have a closet under our stairs on the main floor that’s kind of awkward to get in and out of. It’s where we keep our cleaning supplies, dog food, random stuff. I’d love to be able to turn it into a workable space. Put things there that we rarely use. Heck, maybe we could put our luggage there?

I was at Staples a few days ago and wandered into the Martha Stewart section and she had so many things to create your own “organizing binder”. I was in love, until Chris pointed out “that’s kind of useless, that’s time you could spend on actually organizing your life”… I think he saw the lust in my eyes and wanted to stop it in it’s tracks.

This photo has nothing to do with nesting but doesn't he look cute

This photo has nothing to do with nesting but its too cute not to put in


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