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10 weeks of work left, but who’s counting? January 4, 2013

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For the longest time I had planned on taking only 3 weeks off of work (using my annual leave) before starting my maternity leave. My reasoning was that with Henry, for whom I had taken a whole month of leave, I was climbing the walls with cabin fever by the end of week 2. I used to think “Thank god he came 8 days early!” So this time around, I thought that if I take 3 weeks, if the baby comes early, I’ll have two weeks off and might not suffer the same cabin fever.

Well after the Christmas holidays, I thought I’d come back to work all refreshed, ready to work until March 22nd. That feeling lasted all of 3 hours before fatigue caught up and a bad case of numb bum! Sitting in an office chair all day can cause serious numbness! I’m constantly shifting from side to side in my chair and the padded cushion I have to sit on is doing nothing. I get up and walk around as much as I can, but if I sit longer than 10 minutes, that feeling returns. Anyways, after the 3rd or 4th bout of numb bum (I just like saying that), I pulled out my annual leave report and started doing some heavy math. After some deliberation, I’ve decided to take an additional week off, totaling 4. So now my last day of work will be March 15th.

I feel a lot better having made that decision. I kept telling myself to save some vacation time for when I return since I’ll be coming back to work when Little Bean is 11 months old (since Chris is taking a month of parental leave at the beginning with me). My plan was to tack on an additional 2 weeks at the end to return when he’s 11 ½ months. But then I started thinking “will 2 weeks really make a huge difference in his adaptation to daycare?” I don’t think it will. Henry adapted so quickly to daycare that I quickly realized I was the one who had hang ups about him going there.

So now that I have an extra week, here’s what I’d like to do with that time.

1- Prepare Henry’s new big boy room. I’ve been going a tad crazy on Pinterest looking for inspiration. I want to find something he can grow up with, that won’t look ridiculously childish in a year or two. I’m leaning toward a woodland type décor, mainly because I bought a really nice duvet at Ikea for his bed and want to use that as a launching board for the rest of the room.

Isn’t it cute? It’s also reversible

2- make some baby stuff for Little Bean. Right before Henry, I had made all these knit clothing and little sewing projects for him. I’d like to do the same for Little Bean. I want him to have things made specifically for him.  I’ll probably make him his own quilt as well.

3- remove all the carpet in the house and replace it with hardwood or laminate flooring. Right now, the only carpeted areas left in our house are the stairs and the 2nd floor. The carpets are white and worn down. We’re planning on hiring someone to do it (In case you thought my 8 month pregnant self would be doing this) but someone would need to be home while it’s happening. I’d like to actually have this done in the first week off.

4- Cook a bunch of meals to freeze. I had made a few last time and my mom really went above and beyond and brought us so many frozen casseroles that were great on those days where you just wanted to plop something in the oven. I’d like to make a huge batch of casseroles (and hope my mom will make some more… hint hint… 🙂 )

5- SLEEP! I got so busy nesting last time, I didn’t take as many leisurly naps as I could have. Now I know you can’t stock up on sleep, but at least if I take full advantage, I won’t have as many regrets about not having slept before.

6- Sort through baby gear. I’ve already kind of started doing this. On January 1st I went through all the baby clothes and seperated them by age, weather etc. I had so much fun doing it, I’m looking forward to doing it with toys etc.

7- sneak in a movie or two at stars and strollers –pre baby. I figure if I’m pregnant, they can’t kick me out right?

Speaking of bellies, check this baby out!

Speaking of bellies, check this baby out!


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