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Things I had vowed never to do, until I did…. January 3, 2013

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I remember when I was pregnant with Henry, I had made this list of things I would never do as a parent. Things that I always secretly judged other parents for doing. Now I’m one of those parents who’s probably being judged by others. Oh well…

My first broken promise: Never bribe your child to get him to do something.

Yeah that one went out the door pretty quickly. I’ve resorted to so many bribes, it’s crazy. Like “hey, if you let me put this giant puff marshmallow snowsuit on you, I’ll give you some chocolate”…. So, pretty much Henry’s entire advent calendar went towards convincing Henry that that snowsuit wasn’t out to swallow him whole. I’m actually slightly panicked about how we’re going to convince him to wear it now.

Second broken promise: Never blackmail your child to get him to do something

If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s definitely a theme to my broken promises. Most, if not all were to get Henry to do (or stop doing) something. I’ve used this one often when we’re heading out in the morning and all of a sudden, we get to the door and he turns and runs back into the house. I’ll say “Ok then, bye bye, have a good day!” and start walking out anyways. He comes running back, freaking out but it gets him to follow me to the car without kicking and screaming.

Third broken promise: Never give in

I try and stick to my guns as often as I can. But sometimes, it’s just sooo much easier to give Henry his milk then listen to him cry for 30 minutes while I calmly try and explain that he’s already had his milk for today. I’m working on this one pretty hard since Chris has been able to stick to this one so I often feel like I’m being a bad parent by giving in. Again though, Henry has a pretty persistent stubborn streak in him (I have no idea where/who he got that from) and if he wants that damn milk, he’s going to let the entire neighbourhood know that he wants it.

Anyways, I’m sure there’s more but these are the three big ones. Please tell me you’ve done the same….

Why would anyone believe you have to resort to these things mom? I'm freaking adorable!

Why would anyone believe you have to resort to these things mom? I’m freaking adorable!


One Response to “Things I had vowed never to do, until I did….”

  1. MJ to the D Says:

    Ah, we’ve all been there, my list is kinda like yours!! We do what we can, and hun, you’Re pregnant, one more reason to avoid tantrums 😉 Wait ’till you have 2 to manage. Double the broken promises, here it comes! lol! it’s so freaking awesome, my uterus wants OUT! 🙂 Keep posting, I read !!

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