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Things that go BAWK in the night November 11, 2012

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If you haven’t guessed by the title, Henry dressed as a chicken for Halloween. We got the costume from Henry’s cousin Josie who wore it a few years ago. We’ve got this sweet deal going with Josie. For the past few years she’s had gender neutral costumes so Henry is lucking out.

Henry wearing the chicken costume and Josie wearing the costume Henry might wear in a few years….


I’m having an awesome time wearing this…


So those pictures above where from when Henry first tried on the costume. He looks like he’s having fun right? I figured we’d have no problem come actual Halloween day, where he was expected to dress up for daycare. I had forgotten to factor in the toddler factor.

For those who don’t know what the “toddler factor” is, it’s kind of like the chaos theory but for kids. The “toddler factor” explains why on one day, Henry will eat an entire avocado to himself, just gobbling it down and begging for more. So the next night, you figure “he loved this yesterday, might has well try it again” and he looks at you all suspiciously like you’re trying to poison him and starts crying/screaming that he hates this stuff and he can’t believe you’d even try and feed him this garbage.

So cue to Halloween morning as I’m frantically trying to get us ready in time. I put on the orange pants and he loses it. Like end of the world type losing it. He’s rolling on the ground, holding on to his legs and trying to rip them off at the same time. Finally he settles down and so I decide to wait until we’re out the door to put the hoodie on knowing it was going to be rough. Well I was right, he went crazy. I had to carry him to the car, force him into the car seat and say nicely in a strained voice “you’re going to have fun today!”

He was still crying when I brought him into the daycare and his teachers started falling over themselves explaining how cute he was. All of a sudden he changed his tune, he started strutting around like the costume was his choice all along and when I went to kiss him goodbye, he turned away from me and gave me a halfhearted side wave while he continued to flirt with his teachers. I wanted to call him out on his behaviour in front of them but I was running late, plus it probably would have seemed pretty petty.

I got these pics of him later on:

I love this “perp police lineup’ pick.


I’m loving this chicken costume guys, it was entirely my idea to wear it, despite what my parents say.


After work, we set up a table at our place with candy and our awesome Henry pumpkin (courtesy of my friend Katrina) and then hustled over to my sisters so that Henry could trick or treat with his cousins Logan and Niko.

When Henry saw the pumpkin he kept pointing to it and saying “Henwy! Henwy!”


We had a quick dinner with my sister, my mom and stepdad and my grandparents who were going to stay behind and hand out candy. Henry got a big treat for dessert which could explain how he lasted outside for so long afterwards.

This mini chocolate cake is a-MAH-zing!


we then proceeded to trick or treat the night away. By the second door, Henry knew that if he held out his little pumpkin, people would put stuff in it. He doesn’t know that it was actually candy, just that he got stuff. We did 2 streets and the neighbourhood was giving lots and lots of candy. A lot of chip bags were handed out which fills up a little plastic pumpkin very fast, so I kept grabbing the chip bags and stuffing them in my coat pocket. By the end of the night, I looked 9 months pregnant and if anyone gave me a tight hug, they’d probably hear a loud pop as 20 little chip bags exploded.


Logan was Captain America this year. He loves those superheroes!


the boys all lined up. A Chicken, Captain America and a Shark. A nice combo.


What exactly are we doing here?


Superman and his chicken.


I got this dad, I don’t really need more help.


every time Niko ran away from us, I was tempted to horrifically shriek “SHARK!!!”


Chris practicing for a second child with Logan’s help.


It was a great night and Henry got spoiled rotten, which means Chris and I got spoiled rotten as well with tons and tons of candy!