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Take The Bad With The Good September 25, 2012

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I’ve been wanting to update for a while (yeah I say that everytime). I really wanted to record everything possible about this pregnancy since I know it’s my last. Chris and I have agreed that two is enough for us so I wanted to cherish each moment. The problem is it’s hard to cherish morning sickness and sore boobs and raging hormones that set you off at the slightest provocation (I’ll admit,  I cried like a baby the other day when I heard the Proclaimers song “I will walk 500 miles” on the radio. Crying “THAT IS SOOO ROMANTIC!!!!”)

Before I get into what I’ve been up to lately though, I thought I’d take this time to explain that even though I wrote in my last post that I was due April 12, 2012, I have in fact not stumbled across the art of time travel. Let’s just chalk that one up to baby brain and leave it at that. Thanks to my coworker Katrina though who subtly pointed it out to me at work. If I had figured out how to time travel, I’m not sure I would have advertised it in such a blasé manner on a blog about children.

So where was I again. Ah right! How I’ve been feeling. Well as I mentioned in the past blog post, the nausea has been crazy. I finally got a prescription for Diclectin yesterday. I got to my doctor’s office and the first words out of my mouth after he asked me how I was doing was “I need pills now!”.  He prescribed about 120 of them to me with a maximum of 4 per day. When I asked if there was any potential harm to the baby from taking these pills he told me “the only harm could be if you got into a car accident after taking them since they might make you a little drowsy.” Well he wasn’t lying. I took two last night before bed and passed out. I had these weird drug induced dreams and when I woke up around 2am to go pee (yeah, another pregnancy perk!) I looked out the window and was convinced our front neighbours had crazy twinkling Christmas lights on. I almost said out loud “woooooow! Beautiful” then I rubbed my eyes and realized that it was in fact the street light but that my eyes were so messed up and squinty that they projected those street lights like a medley of colours. It was like that house that lights up along to various Christmas songs.

This morning I had a really hard time waking up. I was sure the drugs would have worn off by the time I woke up but nope. They were still in full force. I guess in hindsight it makes sense that they were still working given that they’re supposed to help with my morning sickness. I was super groggy and slow this morning and while driving to work, I was one of those people going a little under the speed limit. I just felt like I was stuck in molasses or something. I was told it could take me a week to adjust to these. I hope I do since I’m not sure the cure is better than the illness.

I haven’t put on much weight yet. I actually lost 5 lbs in less than a month. I’m slowly putting those pounds back on so now I’m only 3 lbs below what I weighed before. This happened with Henry as well though where I lost a bunch of weight during the 1st trimester. Although by looking at me you wouldn’t think I had lost some weight. My stomach is just bulging out. I had heard of muscle memory and all where your first kid is living in a studio appartment for 9 months and your second is living it up penthouse style with all the extra room.  I honestly wasn’t expecting to show as quickly as I did.

I haven’t really been having any cravings this time around. With Henry I wanted egg salad sandwiches with diced up pickles in it. This time around I really have to think about food beforehand and either go for it or rule it out depending on whether even just thinking about it makes me want to puke. Now that I talk about not having many cravings though, I could really go for some good old Mac &  Cheese….


I could go for some Mac N Cheese too….


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