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So Far So Puke September 18, 2012

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Well if you haven’t guessed from the title, I’m pregnant again. It’s been a little rock and roll so far. Actually, more like death metal since I like rock and roll. I found out pretty early, the day after Melissa’s wedding which means I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know my body so well, then I could have continued in ignorant bliss a little longer. I’m convinced that I didn’t start feeling sick until I actually found out I was pregnant. It’s like psychosomatic or something.

Anywho, I’m due April 13th, 2012. For those who are thinking “why is this date familiar?”, well it’s because it’s the date Chris and I were supposed to join Chris’ family in the French Riviera and take possession of the villa that was rented for the week for a family reunion. Yep, like I’ve enjoyed saying lately “we literally screwed ourselves out of a trip”.

I’m not complaining though, well not too much. I’m ecstatic about this. It took us a while to have Henry and we weren’t convinced we’d be able to have more. We kind of took an approach of “if it happens, it happens” and it did. It took a while to get over the shock a little but now I’m pretty excited to meet little bean (or petite flamme). We’re going to find out what we’re having, probably in November if the baby cooperates.

So as I’ve mentioned above, I feel sick almost all the time. With Henry I felt sick for 16 weeks but nothing really happened with it. With this one though, every morning between 6:00 and 6:05 I have a date with the toilet as I hurl the non-existent food out of my stomach. Sometimes I have Henry next to me crying on the floor, freaking out that I’m not paying attention to him. Between hurling noises I have enough time to lift my head and tell Henry “Enough! Mom is sick!”

Yeah, speaking of Henry, he’s really, REALLY clingy these days. Mornings and afternoons have been pretty rough (with today s an exception, he was great today). I think since he’s graduated to the “toddler program” at daycare, he spends so much more energy and I think he’s just overtired. He cries most mornings with nothing making him happy aside from being in our arms (which is hard when you’re puking your guts out). I’m hoping that today wasn’t just a fluke and that we’re heading towards clear skies and less pukey feelings.

Henry’s theme song lately “I want it all… I want it all….I want it all… and I want it NOW!” by Queen


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