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Cottage Fun August 19, 2012

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I was going to entitle this post “Cottaging Fun!” but my friend Doopah ruined the meaning of cottaging forever for me.

Last weekend we decided to go to the cottage and just unwind from the summer of weddings. Steph went up with her sons as well.  Steph and I spent most of the weekend making my mom’s traditional 2 day spaghetti sauce and then using the sauce to make various spaghetti casseroles. Chris discovered a passion for fishing with Martin. Logan, Niko and Henry had a blast together. It was quite the animal house with 3 boys under the age of 4. It was constantly go-go-go. I was telling my mom as we were leaving on Sunday “I bet you’ll sleep like the dead tonight!”

So because it’s getting late, I’m just going to photo dump and maybe do a few captions…



Ginger and her best friend Lily



Logan eating the one raspberry we found.


Henry and Lily face off!


Fun times with cousins




sexy Lily




This looks like Henry on his own, but Chris is underwater with Henry on his shoulders.


This makes me think of scandalous 50s ads. Like “Only Henry knows he’s not wearing proper diapers”



Nothing like some mud to help digest your meal


This is Niko defiantly eating mud after his mom told him not to put that in his mouth…


Steph painted this lion face on Logan and he stayed in character for a good 30-35 minutes.


Run Henry Run! There’s a lion behind you!!!












3 Responses to “Cottage Fun”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Looks like an amazing time!

  2. Melissa Says:

    Too Cute!

  3. Caitlin L Says:

    Is Henry getting red hair? He looks very ginger-y there!

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