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We are still alive (by chris) July 21, 2012

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We are back.  We didn’t actually go anywhere but we have just been pretty busy these days that neither one of us has had the time to sit down and do a blog post.  And even though we have been busy I can’t think of much to write about our exploits.  Mainly we have just been visiting friends and family.  Also last weekend i was at Tom’s bachelor party which left me wrecked for a couple of days.  I actually only had one beer because I was driving but we did paintball which left bruises all over my body and my legs sore from constantly crouching and jumping up to shoot.

This weekend it is Melina’s turn to party as she is at Melissa’s bachelorette .  She left before noon so it left most of the day  for just Henry and I.  We decided that Melina shouldn’t be the only one having a  wild time so we  headed to a Splash Pad at one of our local parks.  I got Henry dressed in his swim diaper and swimsuit and of course as soon as we got there he was more interested in running up and down the hill at the park instead of playing in the water.  After awhile though I put him under one of the fountains and he had lots of fun playing in the water.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures as I thought bringing a digital camera to a mini water park would be a bad idea.  But here are a bunch of other pics of Henry.

Henry has a new compulsion. He now picks up cloths and cleans the table and counters with them. It would be great but he misses alot of spots and tries to eat the rag once he’s done

I’m not sure what he’s doing here but I love this photo

Henry had a recent doctors appointment and the doc said Henry wasn’t drinking enough.

I thought drinking was bad for toddlers but who am I to question our Harvard educated pediatrician.

Daddy I’m feeling a little funny

Hello operator can you connect me to children’s services.


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