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Open House Y’all! July 12, 2012

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We took Henry to his first open House party tonight. It was a wild and crazy time.  Ok, so it was an Open House for Henry’s daycare, more like a BBQ and yard sale, but Henry still went wild.

Henry’s original outfit for the day since the theme was “rainbows” but it got pretty dirty so we switched it out.


Look how wild it got… you can totally see it on his face that he’s loving this…(sarcasm alert!)


yeah… I’m having the time of my life… Check out my arm tattoo.


So after being anti social for a bit, Henry really cheered up. I think it threw him off that we were going to daycare after hours. Chris said it was the equivalent to when we were kids and would see a teacher at a restaurant or something and think “wait, you exist outside of school?”. Once he realized he wasn’t dreaming though, he went straight to his game face. Henry’s always “on” when it comes to being at daycare, unless he’s sick. That’s usually why he cries in the morning at home, just to get it all out of his system so he can be Captain Awesome at daycare.

Ok, so I guess this party is kind of cool.


Watch me go down my favourite slide mom…


While going down the slide, Henry reached out to Chris to help guide him down the slide. Then his teacher came and ratted him out saying “Henry, you usually go down on your own, you don’t need help”. He then chose not to go down the slide for the rest of the night, possibly out of embarrassment.

Another cool thing that happened is that one of the parents came up to Henry and said “Hello Mr. Bond”. Apparently this guy always calls Henry “Mr. Bond”  and then he and his wife explained that they think Henry looks like Daniel Craig. And I said “I know eh?” I always joke that Daniel Craig was down in Haiti with me and that he’s Henry’s dad. Chris doesn’t find it so funny for some reason.

Marvel at the wonders of modern science!


Henry kept trying to recreate the magic but wasn’t so successful. Although he did manage to get bubbles once, however we’re pretty sure that was mostly due to the wind.


Even without bubbles it was a lot of fun.


Henry and his girlfriend Josee trying to make these contraptions work.


So a side note about Henry’s girlfriend. Almost every night when Chris picks up Henry, his teachers tell him stories about Henry hugging and kissing Josee or how they dance together during song time. I think they might be exclusive. They’re the “it” couple of daycare. I’m debating if their couple name should be Jory or Hensee? Thoughts? I also love how my imagination goes wild when I’m told he danced with her. I picture him in this kind of victorian getup and her in a long frilly dress and he goes up to her and bows and says “may I have the pleasure of this next dance my lady” (in a British accent) and she curtsies and says “why of course my good sir” and then they waltz around the room while all the others watch and say “Hensee are so cute together”.

Later on at night on the phone with his girlfriend: “why I’m wearing a nighttime diaper…why? What are you wearing?”




One Response to “Open House Y’all!”

  1. Caitlin L Says:

    Definitely definitely should be Hensee. Plus, super cute pictures of the whole day! I enjoy how appropriate his outfit was at the start..

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