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Toddlerhood July 28, 2012

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Things I wasn’t prepared for with a toddler…


– Explaining random bruises to people who might suspect abuse. “Oh that? That’s from when he got stuck behind the toilet… well from the second time he got stuck behind the toilet”

– The Hulk like emotions. Honestly, I’m starting to think the Hulk was modeled after a toddler. No control whatsoever on his emotions, the rush of anger and rage at the smallest frustration. Henry lost it the other day because I didn’t put my shoes on fast enough. “Trust me mother, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”

– Explaining my random bruises “yeah, so this is from when we were outside and I told Henry it was time to go in and he got so mad he threw the watering can at me then tried to rip my cheek off”

– Having to keep a straight face when you kid loses it or tries to hurt you. Henry will get so determined when he’s “testing his boundaries” and I have to keep the stern “non…ça fait bobo ça” voice and face when in the back of my head I’m telling myself “don’t laugh, you lose all power if you laugh”

– Sand everywhere.

– Having to explain about a million times why he shouldn’t pull the plug protectors out and then jam his fingers in them… “that’s going to hurt A LOT buddy”

– What I call the “wiggle kid syndrome”. If my kid doesn’t want to be picked up, he does this thing where he twists his body and turns and turns until I have to put him back down or run the risk of dropping him on the floor. This is usually accompanied by the Hulk rage.

– The fluctuating hunger. Days where he can eat a whole cow (or to Chris’ dismay, all the cherries in the house) and days when he’s done after 6 peas.

– Having to clean stuff off of Henry’s tongue. He’ll come to me with food in his mouth that he’s not enjoying and make this “heh heh” noise while sticking his tongue out that means “mom, take this off my tongue”

– The mad dash sprints I now do about 6 to 12 times a day. Like Henry’s on the floor, I turn my back for two seconds, look back and he’s dancing a jig on the kitchen table.


My sister had some submissions of her own for her 3 1/2 year old that I thought I’d add:

Paint or crayon smudges everywhere!!! Including their bodies

Random stuff crammed into the CD players

No necklaces last longer than the day I buy it because he will somehow find it and break it. It could be hidden in a safe and he would find it.

They don’t understand that you can go to the store without having to buy them something.  So you always have to run down aisles where there is something that could be mildly entertaining for them, so they don’t freak out when you don’t actually leave with it.


What can I say? I’m a scamp!


I can use this to climb up onto the coffee table…


Do you know how awesome wet rags are? Very.


Henry: Can I kiss you kitty?
Atticus: hells no!





We are still alive (by chris) July 21, 2012

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We are back.  We didn’t actually go anywhere but we have just been pretty busy these days that neither one of us has had the time to sit down and do a blog post.  And even though we have been busy I can’t think of much to write about our exploits.  Mainly we have just been visiting friends and family.  Also last weekend i was at Tom’s bachelor party which left me wrecked for a couple of days.  I actually only had one beer because I was driving but we did paintball which left bruises all over my body and my legs sore from constantly crouching and jumping up to shoot.

This weekend it is Melina’s turn to party as she is at Melissa’s bachelorette .  She left before noon so it left most of the day  for just Henry and I.  We decided that Melina shouldn’t be the only one having a  wild time so we  headed to a Splash Pad at one of our local parks.  I got Henry dressed in his swim diaper and swimsuit and of course as soon as we got there he was more interested in running up and down the hill at the park instead of playing in the water.  After awhile though I put him under one of the fountains and he had lots of fun playing in the water.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures as I thought bringing a digital camera to a mini water park would be a bad idea.  But here are a bunch of other pics of Henry.

Henry has a new compulsion. He now picks up cloths and cleans the table and counters with them. It would be great but he misses alot of spots and tries to eat the rag once he’s done

I’m not sure what he’s doing here but I love this photo

Henry had a recent doctors appointment and the doc said Henry wasn’t drinking enough.

I thought drinking was bad for toddlers but who am I to question our Harvard educated pediatrician.

Daddy I’m feeling a little funny

Hello operator can you connect me to children’s services.


Open House Y’all! July 12, 2012

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We took Henry to his first open House party tonight. It was a wild and crazy time.  Ok, so it was an Open House for Henry’s daycare, more like a BBQ and yard sale, but Henry still went wild.

Henry’s original outfit for the day since the theme was “rainbows” but it got pretty dirty so we switched it out.


Look how wild it got… you can totally see it on his face that he’s loving this…(sarcasm alert!)


yeah… I’m having the time of my life… Check out my arm tattoo.


So after being anti social for a bit, Henry really cheered up. I think it threw him off that we were going to daycare after hours. Chris said it was the equivalent to when we were kids and would see a teacher at a restaurant or something and think “wait, you exist outside of school?”. Once he realized he wasn’t dreaming though, he went straight to his game face. Henry’s always “on” when it comes to being at daycare, unless he’s sick. That’s usually why he cries in the morning at home, just to get it all out of his system so he can be Captain Awesome at daycare.

Ok, so I guess this party is kind of cool.


Watch me go down my favourite slide mom…


While going down the slide, Henry reached out to Chris to help guide him down the slide. Then his teacher came and ratted him out saying “Henry, you usually go down on your own, you don’t need help”. He then chose not to go down the slide for the rest of the night, possibly out of embarrassment.

Another cool thing that happened is that one of the parents came up to Henry and said “Hello Mr. Bond”. Apparently this guy always calls Henry “Mr. Bond”  and then he and his wife explained that they think Henry looks like Daniel Craig. And I said “I know eh?” I always joke that Daniel Craig was down in Haiti with me and that he’s Henry’s dad. Chris doesn’t find it so funny for some reason.

Marvel at the wonders of modern science!


Henry kept trying to recreate the magic but wasn’t so successful. Although he did manage to get bubbles once, however we’re pretty sure that was mostly due to the wind.


Even without bubbles it was a lot of fun.


Henry and his girlfriend Josee trying to make these contraptions work.


So a side note about Henry’s girlfriend. Almost every night when Chris picks up Henry, his teachers tell him stories about Henry hugging and kissing Josee or how they dance together during song time. I think they might be exclusive. They’re the “it” couple of daycare. I’m debating if their couple name should be Jory or Hensee? Thoughts? I also love how my imagination goes wild when I’m told he danced with her. I picture him in this kind of victorian getup and her in a long frilly dress and he goes up to her and bows and says “may I have the pleasure of this next dance my lady” (in a British accent) and she curtsies and says “why of course my good sir” and then they waltz around the room while all the others watch and say “Hensee are so cute together”.

Later on at night on the phone with his girlfriend: “why I’m wearing a nighttime diaper…why? What are you wearing?”




Footloose and Fancy Free July 8, 2012

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Tuesday morning, around 3am, as I cleaned vomited curdled milk off the rocking chair in Henry’s bedroom while Chris, covered in puke himself, took a shower with our sick child, we both had the same thought… we could use some time to ourselves.

Yep, pretty much the entire long weekend and into the following week, Henry was sick.  It had started the week before with a fever, then on Thursday when I brought him to the pediatrician to get his chicken pox vaccine, our doctor suspected Henry was already suffering from it. I ended up having to take a few days off and take care of my poor kiddo. He seemed to be feeling better by Canada Day but then things took a violent turn for the worse and cue the Tuesday morning puke session.

Mom, I really wish you’d stop taking pictures of me when I’m not feeling well.


So, yeah, after a few days in quarantine, mommy got bored and started styling Henry’s hair for fun.


Lying on Ginger makes me feel slightly better.


I love the look Ginger’s giving me here… It’s a mixture of “please save me” and “obviously I’m a better parent than you are”.


So this has very little to do with being sick, I mean, I guess it was taken while he was sick. I just love the look he’s giving here.


Being outside actually really helped Henry out. Every time it looked like he was fading, we’d bring him outside and he’d perk up. He especially loves watering the tomato plants.


Meaning Tuesday I had to use my final family day. Let’s all take a moment to mourn the loss of my annual family leave.

**Here lies Melina’s family leave, gone before its time, in the prime of its youth. Only a few months old, wasn’t even able to make it to the fall flu season. Rest in peace family leave, rest in peace***

Honestly, whoever thought 5 days would be enough for the first year of daycare obviously never had children. I kind of wish I could have kept all that family leave I had before Henry and used it up all this year. Luckily for me, Pat (aka Lolly) came to relieve me on Wednesday and looked after him the whole day. He seemed much better after that. This is the second time that Lolly comes to look after Henry for the day and he’s all of a sudden “cured” the next day. I’m starting to suspect he’s faking it until he knows she’ll come spend the day.

Anyways, this is a really long way to lead into my main topic of how we had a weekend off this weekend. My cousin Graeme was marrying his longtime love Lindsey in Bowmanville/Whitby and we were going sans bebe.

Excited to be hitting the road!

We got to our hotel around 12:30 and got to lounge around until the wedding. It was bliss. Not only did we get to just veg out, we got to watch crappy cable tv. We haven’t had cable at home for a few years now so I had no idea that most cable tv just became a 24 hour “home renovation” show. I mean, honestly, how many home reno shows are out there? We both got sucked into the vortex of TLC and A&E and Chris had to almost force me out of the hotel room to go to the wedding.

Heading to the wedding reception.

The wedding itself was beautiful. The church was a little hot but the cool AC of the reception hall more than made up for it. Graeme and Lindsey make such a cute couple.

The lovely bride and groom.


I got to reconnect with aunts and uncles and cousins. It was great fun. Chris went nuts for the free shrimp during the cocktail hour.

I can’t say no to shrimp!


We had a great dinner and got to hear some wonderful speeches. Both Lindsey and Graeme’s families are super eloquent speakers. I loved how Graeme’s mom say that she looked it up online and that there was in fact no time limit for the mother of the groom’s speech and that in fact protocol states that she’s entitled to one minute of discourse for every hour of labour she was in, which was a total of 57 hours, so she told us to get comfortable. It was hilarious.

Anyways, we managed to make it to about 10pm when I started feeling a little under the weather (I’ve been having this recurring sore throat/sore ear for the past week) and our 5am wake up call was starting to catch up to us (that call being Henry) so we bid our adieu and headed back to the hotel. Chris and I slept from 11pm to 8am. 9 HOURS!!!  It was AMAZING! We slowly woke up and moseyed down to the lobby for our continental breakfast (read toast and toaster) that we had with my dad and Zoe.

We tried to stall a bit more but I think we were both playing chicken with each other to see who would crack first and say “ok, let’s go home to get Henry”. We got to Almonte a little after 1pm and Chris pretty much tossed the emergency break on the car and ran out because he wanted to be the first to hold Henry. As he was running, I was yelling “No fair!” as I picked up our garbage out of the car.

Henry had a great weekend at Lolly and Pops house but I think deep down we all missed each other a lot.