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Mill of Kintail (by Chris) June 25, 2012

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Melina spent a fair bit of the weekend throwing Melissa a bridal shower so that left Henry and I to our own devices.  THe morning was occupied with swim class.  It was Henry’s final lesson.  He graduated Duck but can’t move on to Sea Turtle til he turns two (yes the names have changed since I was a kid).  We are thinking we will just take Henry swimming in pools and cottages for the summer and try and find another activity/class to enroll him in.

After lunch I decided to pack up Henry and Ginger and head out to the Mill of Kintail just outside of Almonte.

A little history lesson for those who are interested

My dream cottage

We did one of the nature loops.  I used to go there regularly when I lived with my parents.  I guess I had forgotten how rough some of the trails can get.  There were points I was worried Henry was getting a concussion bouncing around in the stroller.  After the walk we headed to the Stream Study Area.  It points out all the possible bugs around and encourages kids to find them.  Henry is a tad too young to chase down bugs but…

Not too young to play in the water

After stomping around in the stream we surprised my parents and dropped in on them.  They were kind enough to feed us and Henry returned the favour by showing them how he could climb their chairs and jump off of them over and over and over again.

When we returned home we found a fridge full of sandwiches and veggies and there were some cupcakes lying around but one seemed to go missing

Don’t ask me. I haven’t seen it.

See. No cupcakes here.


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