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Static Cling June 20, 2012

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We’re going through this toddler phase where Henry acts like a baby monkey. He just kind of climbs all over us and refuses to touch the ground. The worst is the mornings. Apparently before 6:30 am, our hardwood floors are molten lava. I’ve mentioned before that he’s not a morning person. He needs to cuddle with us for a good 30 minutes in the morning before we can do anything else. It really cuts into our “getting ready for work” time. It’s to the point where I’ll pack a breakfast for myself to bring to work since I don’t have time to eat at home (this is where Chris well say “well you COULD wake up earlier”, but like Henry, I’m not a morning person either).

Although I’m not sure what’s worse. The static cling or what he gets up to when he finally decides he doesn’t need to hang on to us anymore. We were in the kitchen the other day and witnessed him climb the kitchen chair, then climb on top of the kitchen table and play with the cats water dish. He also has this repetitive game of climbing our toy storage unit and then throwing himself onto the leather couch from there (repeat ad nauseum).  I haven’t helped with this destructive no fear attitude by teaching him that if he climbs me a certain way while I hold onto his arms, he can do a backflip to the ground. He loves it. To the point where we end up doing it about 15 times in a row.

I have to admit though, with Henry being terrible in the morning, he sure is happy in the afternoon. He laughs pretty much from the time he gets home from daycare to when he goes to bed. Oh and I discovered that the love of “fart noises” is ingrained in little boys from a pretty early age. He presses his lips against my arm to make these noises and finds it so funny that he repeats and repeats until he’s laughing so hard, he can’t make the noises anymore.

So despite the extreme clinginess, I love this little guy. Now for some pics of what he’s been up to lately

Check out what we picked up at Costco

Taking my meds. Double ear infections mean yummy medicine.

Henry’s really into extreme couponing.

Play us a song, you’re the piano “young” man

Are you going to eat all of that? I’m kind of hungry and whatever you’re eating looks awesome.

Also, I wanted to add that we had a great father’s day weekend. Henry bought Chris a subscription to the magazine Mental Floss with the statement that Chris is going to have to keep his mind sharp to keep up with Henry as he grows older (ps, Henry’s going to owe both Chris and I a fair bit of money with all his IOUs for gifts). I spent the large part of Saturday morning cleaning the house and doing chores that Chris normally does in hopes of having him relax. On Sunday he went golfing with his dad and George while Henry and I lunched with my dad. Speaking of my dad, I thought, to give him props for father’s day, I’d thank him for something that he taught me that I carry with me always.

Never be afraid to goof off, no matter how old you are or where you are. People like to laugh.


2 Responses to “Static Cling”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Owen laughs when I make a raspberry noise and say “you tooted!” Ohhh, boys.

  2. Susan Says:

    I still enjoy reading your blog, Melina! It’s great to be able to see Henry growing up. FITMOM Stroller classes are huge this year and I’ve met tons of great moms and babies, but I only get to see all of you for a short period of time in your life. So, thanks for sharing with me. And making me laugh with your photos and comments about Henry and life in general:)

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