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Fathers Day (by Chris) June 16, 2012

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Well seeing how I did a post for my mom on mothers day I guess I have to do one for my Pops as well.  Well I have to do one if I ever hope to drive the Porsche again.

I think I give my dad a rougher time than my mom so I am tempted to be sarcastic or crack some jokes.  Something along the lines of “Thank you for the words of wisdom you have given me ex: Go ask your mother”  But I will do my best to give you the respect you deserve for one day of the year.

So here it goes…


Okay I give up.   My mind’s drawing a blank…


Okay I’ll try again…


Damn this is tough.  Maybe I’ll  have a beer or two to see if I can come up with anything…


One more ought to do it…


Okay so watching movies and TV, the male characters often have strained relationships with their fathers.  I have never been able to relate to those characters.  My Dad has always been one of my best friends.  There has never been any distance between us.  I am just as happy to be hanging out with my dad as I am with my friends.  I always look forward to our time together.  From ski and canoe trips as a kid to setting off German speed cameras as a bigger kid  I have always had fun and never felt as if I wasn’t a priority.  You are a great Dad and I love you.

And now that I am past the sappiness lets post some silly pictures:

Wearing a skirt (although pulling off a terminator pose at the same time)

My dad might have been leader of the Zapatista rebels

After leading the rebels he tried his hand at swashbuckling

Finally he settled on being a doctor

I don’t think this picture requires a funny caption

This was a Twist dance off at our wedding

I appear to be getting an evil look here. I am sure it is undeserved.

How did that get up there?

Happy Fathers Day Pops



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