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Outbreak Chronicles Day 5 June 14, 2012

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This entry is in hopes to keep a record for the future of humanity, should the world survive this plague.

It all started 5 days ago. The morning after our friend’s wedding, Chris went to pick up Henry and brought him home. He was definitely off. Warmer than usual. I should have seen the warning signs. I thought it was just the exhaustion of having spent the night elsewhere. I was wrong.

Over the past 4 days, things have been worse and better at the same time. The fever left but his eyes started crusting over. He was just leaking goop from every orifice.

I thought with the fever past, the worst was over. It had just begun. The disease spread to Chris. I came home last night from an evening out with former coworkers to find him in bed at deaths door.

I slept in the other room in hopes of sparring myself. I was too late. I woke up this morning to a sore throat and bad cough. I couldn’t escape.  Henry woke up this morning with his eyes so crusty, he couldn’t open them. He was groping around blindly trying to understand why he couldn’t see. I hope not to have the same fate.

Despite the temporary blindness, Henry seemed well enough to go back to daycare (no fever for over 24 hours) so I brought him to daycare. Chris had to pick him up at 1:30 for his 15 month vaccines. Our pediatrician then confirmed that on top of the nasty virus Henry was fighting, he also has a double ear infection. Frigg.. 10 more days of antibiotics which cause explosive diarrhea. Fun!

Pray for us…

Mom I don’t feel good. But I’m still ok enough to supervise Ginger’s meal.


One Response to “Outbreak Chronicles Day 5”

  1. MJ to the D Says:

    Sending prayers and a truck load of patience 🙂

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