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Weekend Update (by Chris) June 11, 2012

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Well I thought I would take the time to fill you in on our weekend.  The main focus of the weekend was our friends Mathieu and Patti got married.  Melina was in the wedding party as a grooms woman so she was busy all day Saturday which left Henry and I to our own devices.  We didn’t get up to too much trouble.  Just swim class, playing with toys, and naps.


Henry made it to the ceremony but unfortunately for him we didn’t allow him to go the reception.  It was an open bar and the last open bar Henry attended didn’t go too well.  That kid just can’t handle his liquor.  So he went for his first sleep over with his cousins Logan and Niko.  He did well but when he woke up in the morning he wandered around saying “mama”.


Mathieu & Patti’s wedding was beautiful.  The reception was in the Great Hall of the Museum of Civilization.  The food was great and the wedding was very entertaining.  We didn’t get to bed til 2 am which is quite late for us ever since Henry.


I thought we might get to sleep in with Henry over at his Aunt & Uncle’s place.  However, Hannah had other plans.  At 7 am she came to tell me that it was breakfast time.  I then realized I missed Henry and went to go get him and let Melina sleep in.  He was happy to see me and gave me a big hug.  I think Melina was a little jealous she didn’t get to come get him but I believe she was also grateful for the extra time to sleep.


We then went to visit my Parents who just got back from a tour of the west.  They started in Calgary and made their way to Vancouver and then up to Alaska and back.  They flew on jets and prop planes, took a bus and a train through he rockies, few in a helicopter, and were on a cruise ship.  I think the only mode of transportation they neglected was submarine.  It was great to see them as I missed them but Henry was in a bit of mood and didn’t really want to be held.  He did manage to put on a good show though by climbing up their settee and then jumping off of it.   The rest of the afternoon consisted of me doing yard work while Henry took a 3 hour nap.  Once I was done and enjoying a beer in the backyard Henry decided it was time to get up so we could play in the yard together.


And here are some pictures of our weekend.  Unfortunately we didn’t take many pictures.


The bride and groom dancing

My beautiful bride

The two of us

The dessert for kids. I was very jealous.

A collage of Henry blowing us kisses


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  1. Melissa Says:

    You guys look great!! xoxo

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