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Great Glebe Garage Sale May 28, 2012

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Henry loves sitting on his “throne” and giving orders to his subjects, the cats. Here’s a candid shot of the king taking a break from holding council and enjoying a cold beverage.

Doing a round of the neighborhood. Yes, he’s not wearing pants… it’s HOT!

Sally Forth good sir…

On Saturday I went to the GGGS with my friend Sylvia. I got a few great finds for Henry. I was looking for for outside toys for him, hopefully a playhouse. I found one but they wanted $330 for it, at which I scoffed and didn’t bother even negotiating.  I managed to get a push tricycle for $10, a plush chair for $1 and Fab Baby Gear was having a sidewalk sale of Zutano clothes. I LOVE Zutano clothes… Unfortunately it was a sample sale and they only had sizes 0-6 months and 2T available. So I bought Henry a 2T hoodie for $8 and a nice blanket for $10. Zutano clothing is usually pretty expensive so I scored big time.

I didn’t find anything for myself, but Sylvia bought a great piece of art, a trifle platter and some home decor stuff. We also ran into our friend Jackie who bought a really nice mirror for cheap.

Anyways, I thought I’d give some tips on surviving the great glebe garage sale.

1- Arrive early, like really early. 7am ish.

2- Pick the street you want to start with carefully. Once you get through your first street, pretty much all the good stuff is gone from the other streets. I try and go on Powell Ave first. Starting at Percy and heading towards bank although there are really great finds on Glebe Avenue as well. Skip Clemow, they’re don’t seem to want to participate as much, at least not this year.

3- If stuff looks overpriced, good luck getting them to negotiate. There seems to be two type of people who participate in these sales. Those who want to just get rid of as much stuff as possible and those trying to make a profit. The ones trying to make a profit rarely budge (aka, that playhouse place).

4- Buy polish sausage from the Polish guy! There’s a guy who sells hot dogs and sausages every year with his wife on the corner of Glebe and Percy. He makes a mean polish sausage. This year he was also selling clogs from Poland as well.

5- Make sure to leave some time for the sidewalk sales on Bank Street. After walking through the neighbourhood, check out Bank street. There are always great sales. Especially from the Glebe Emporium, Fab Baby Gear, Home Hardware and the Body Shop.  I always save some money to hit this place last.

6- Make sure you have money with you beforehand. The ATMs empty fast.


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