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Bathrooms update May 27, 2012

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Well we’re almost done the bathroom. We pretty much just have to put the door and the door frame back on. These pics aren’t what it looks like now, we’ve since installed the toilet and installed the shower curtain rod. So there’s just little accessories to put up here and there. Anyways, I totally forgot to take a before picture so the “before” pic I have is of the bathroom actually destroyed.

I’m trying to figure out what colour to choose for my shower curtain. I’m debating something with bright yellow in it. Also thinking of using some kind of bamboo wood for accessories. Thoughts?

Before after we took out the toilet and the old tub and ugly 90s wall tile.

The old vanity was ugly oak. Terrible… Oh and don’t get me started on the linoleum floor.

Our new subway tiled wall and grey floor. Oh and the super deep tub.

The new vanity/countertop/sink and faucet. I sanded down the doors and put on a light grey coat of primer/paint. Still trying to figure out what to put as handles though. I also love the tile baseboards as well.

Wall medicine cabinet. Painted it as well the same colour as the vanity.


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