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Happy Mothers Day (by Chris) May 12, 2012

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Dear Mom,

Thank you very much for being my mom.  You taught me so much growing up and put up with a lot raising me from a baby into who I am today.  Now that I am a parent I feel I appreciate more and more how wonderful a mother you are.  Here is a very small list of all the things I am thankful to you for:

Thank you for teaching me to be silly

Thank you for teaching me not just how to cook but to love food.

Thank you for not knowing whats for dinner even though you are halfway through cooking it.

Thank you for being able to take jokes about tai chi (and vegetarianism and a myriad of other topics)

Thank you for giving it as good as you got it.

Thank you for some truly horrible games of tic tac toe.

Thank you for all the travels we have been on and all the unforgettable experiences during them

Thank you for trying to teach me piano and to be musical (I’m sure its not your fault that I failed horribly)

Thank you for showing me the beauty of a sunset on the pacific

Thank you for the way you answer the phone when I call.  You always make it sound like I am making your day by calling.

Thank you for showing me how to be silly in public

Thank you for being a great grandmother

Thank you for teaching me that language is a toolbox.

Thank you for raising me to be the man I need to be for this little man

Happy Mothers day

I love you




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