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Close Encounter of the Nerd Kind May 12, 2012

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Today I got to geek out big time. Henry and I went with my friends Nat and Danick to the first Ottawa Comic Con. Chris was at a bachelor party for my friend Mathieu so he didn’t make it. It was pure madness. We got there around 10:00-ish and waited in line a little over an hour to get in. The line to get in was insane. There were so many people dressed up so it was entertaining and it went by fairly quickly.

Henry slouching in line and eating a sticky snack

Nat and Danick. Danick said his costume was “a young George Lucas”

Captain America had to wait in line like everyone else.

The Goblin King was there too

glimpse of the massive line

They’re recruiting Storm Troopers young now.

and a Ghostbuster!

Henry and I. I ended up holding him for almost 3 hours. My back is killing me.

I honestly had no idea who this was until Nat and Danick told me it was the Joker’s girlfriend.

Once inside it was even crazier.  We made a beeline to Adam Baldwin’s table. I love that guy! He’s so awesome. He was super friendly and chatted up Henry and played with him. I don’t know why I was expecting him to be gruff like the characters he usually plays but was pleasantly surprised. I got an autograph of him and he wrote “To Melina, with love and grenades, Adam Baldwin”. It made my day. Only downside was that I asked Nat to take a picture and she couldn’t figure out my camera. Luckily Danick took a shot as well and said he’d email it to me. In the meantime I took a picture of his picture 🙂

Henry had no idea what was happening. I tried to recline a little and he almost jumped off the table.

At the table next to Adam was Jamie Bamber, aka Lee “Apollo” Adama. I didn’t go in any other lines though since getting autographs were expensive. I did get a shot of him as he was chasing a fan down who had forgotten his autograph. It seemed like a nice thing to do.

He was a bit shorter than I expected but cute as a button!

We were walking by Brent Spinner’s table (with like a super long line of fans) and I was trying to get a picture of him at his table but it was super blurry, then all of a sudden he gets up and starts walking towards us. Turns out he had to go for a photo shoot and was apologizing to the line of fans waiting for his autograph saying he’d be right back. I got a blurry shot of him and then the best thing in the world happened. He walked right by me and brushed my arm!!!! Data TOUCHED ME!!!

Really nice of him to come and make amends to his fans.

I honestly was surprised by how friendly the celebrities were. I thought that after years of doing things like this, they’d be all jaded and business like but it was in fact the opposite. I’d love to go again next year if they come back, hopefully they’ll be a little more organized next time though.

I refuse to walk anymore!


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