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A Love Letter to My Little Rebel May 9, 2012

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Dear Henry,

Has it been 15 months already? My how time flies when you’re having fun! It seems like only yesterday you were delivering yourself while the doctors were in another room. I should have known right at that moment that you’d always march to the beat of your own drum. You’ve grown into this wonderfully curious and adventurous little boy. I don’t feel I can call you “baby” so much anymore since you’ve become so independent (except for your occasional clingy bouts in the morning).

I sometimes lament your independence and label it as “recklessness”, maybe I should stop doing that. You’re just genuinely curious and excited about everything. On Sunday, you threw yourself into joyful abandon while running into a deep ditch at your grandparents place. The maniacal laughter you let out while scrambling into the ditch was addictive. I couldn’t help but laugh along but I was so worried you’d hurt yourself at the same time.

It’s my nature to worry about you and I’ll often stop you from you exploratory adventures, so sorry about that. I don’t mean to impede your fun but sometimes I have to. Like when you want to run into the street to see the city bus that goes by, I have to be the one to say “sorry buddy, you can’t just run in front of a car”. You get so mad at me when I stop you but I know you won’t hold it against me for long as you quickly find something else to run to.

Like I mentioned earlier, I can’t believe how quickly you’re growing. I can barely remember when you were so small that we had to support your head because you couldn’t do it yourself. Now you’re learning things in leaps and bounds and I sometimes can’t keep up. I miss being the one to see you discover new things. Your teachers keep telling us about all the stuff you’re learning to do and I’m glad you’re learning these things, in fact, I beam with pride when you lean in to give me kisses or put your shoes on, but it’s a little bittersweet that I’m not experiencing it first hand with you.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love you so much, every moment we have together is precious and instead of complaining that you were up at 5:30 on the weekend or that you’re whining extra hard one morning, maybe I should focus on all the little things I might miss out on as you get older. Like the morning cuddles where you lie against me and we rock in our chair and you babble to me while stroking my arm.

Happy 15 month little guy!


Love, Mom

I’m smiling at you now, but it’s to distract you while I try and run in the street.

My future cinematographer scoping out the scenery with an orange tint. So art house!

ok, now I’m just goofing off.

Putting on daddy’s shoes.

I totally pull these off.

doing robot moves in my robot pjs.

Check out our crab apple tree. It blooms for about 5 minutes in May so I wanted to take a picture.

Check out these beauties.

These petals are Beeeaaauuutiful.


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