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Parks and Recreation May 6, 2012

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We spent a lot of time at the park this weekend. It’s Henry’s new favourite thing to do and it helps him spend a lot of energy which then helps with bed time. We went Friday evening and this evening. Our neighbourhood park gets packed with kids running all over the place. Henry kept trying to join some pre-teen boys in a game of street hockey but we wouldn’t let him.  He gets so mad at us these days when we don’t let him get his way.

Henry loves running on grass. He laughs like Beavis when he’s on grass. It’s like this funny sounding “huh-huh..huh-huh…”


Trying to scale the play structure. Didn’t make it very high at all.


Enjoying the slide


Trying to get some girls attention by doing the smolder/pout combo.


Day 2 of park fun. Henry’s decided to become a vampire hunter. Just call him Slayer.


Reaching for mommy!


Another go down the slide!


and another run in the grass…


We also had some fun indoors.

This is my album cover look.


Yep Henry has decided he’s standing on our nightstands. I’ve been trying to discourage it but he’s so adamant about doing it.


This is what happens when we take stop him from doing something he’s enjoying.


Henry loves this head scratcher.


Chris was goofing around here but he looks super creepy. He looks like he could be the latest villain in a Batman movie.


Did you know light comes out of this thing?


Sorry for the semi-boring post. We’ve been so busy lately. This weekend was crazy. I did overtime at work yesterday then went to my dad’s yesterday afternoon and then to Chris’ parents for dinner last night. Today we had an all day meeting planning Melissa’s wedding. Chris spent all weekend working on the house. So our “downtime” is after 7pm at night and we’re exhausted, hence the lacking of posts.



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