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Hacked again May 2, 2012

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Hello Everyone,

This is Chris updating.  Melina seems to be suffering from a case of Bloggers Block so I thought I would help out and do some updates from time to time.  Henry is doing well but he is in full blown teething mode,  It seems every other day he is running a fever.  However, all the sweat and tears are paying off.  As always he guards his new teeth with his life but I did manage to get a picture  of it just coming in.

You’ll never crack me

Alright! I give I give! I’ll tell you the location of the microfilm

It has now poked all the way through and it looks like the one next to it may be coming in too.

We had a good weekend.  It was partially filled with bathroom renos but we also found time to enjoy the nice weather.  This weekend we managed to get the grout in the tiles and rip out the old sink and counter-top and patch up all the damage in the drywall so we can paint soon.  I finally feel like the end is in sight but a part of me also realizes that once this bathroom is finished we still have the en suite to do.  However, we will probably take a break in between to relax and enjoy the summer and I am hoping the next one will go faster because we have learned form the previous one.

We went with a grey grout. I am really pleased with the way the tiles and grout turned out.

We also went for a lovely walk with Lolly & Pops (my mom and dad) on Sunday.  We walked down an abandoned road where Ginger could run free and Henry walked down holding onto Lolly and my hands.  After that we went to the park where Henry enjoyed the swings and the slide.  Unfortunately, Melina and I forgot to bring our camera.  Pops grabbed a bunch of pics but I don’t know if he has downloaded them so I decided to recreate the event by bringing Henry back to the park.

Higher Daddy Higher !

Weeee!!!! I love slides.

Hmmm. This might be a little to big for me to climb. Maybe next summer.

And here are just a few random pics to close with.

What? Do I have something on my face?



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