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Great Glebe Garage Sale May 28, 2012

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Henry loves sitting on his “throne” and giving orders to his subjects, the cats. Here’s a candid shot of the king taking a break from holding council and enjoying a cold beverage.

Doing a round of the neighborhood. Yes, he’s not wearing pants… it’s HOT!

Sally Forth good sir…

On Saturday I went to the GGGS with my friend Sylvia. I got a few great finds for Henry. I was looking for for outside toys for him, hopefully a playhouse. I found one but they wanted $330 for it, at which I scoffed and didn’t bother even negotiating.  I managed to get a push tricycle for $10, a plush chair for $1 and Fab Baby Gear was having a sidewalk sale of Zutano clothes. I LOVE Zutano clothes… Unfortunately it was a sample sale and they only had sizes 0-6 months and 2T available. So I bought Henry a 2T hoodie for $8 and a nice blanket for $10. Zutano clothing is usually pretty expensive so I scored big time.

I didn’t find anything for myself, but Sylvia bought a great piece of art, a trifle platter and some home decor stuff. We also ran into our friend Jackie who bought a really nice mirror for cheap.

Anyways, I thought I’d give some tips on surviving the great glebe garage sale.

1- Arrive early, like really early. 7am ish.

2- Pick the street you want to start with carefully. Once you get through your first street, pretty much all the good stuff is gone from the other streets. I try and go on Powell Ave first. Starting at Percy and heading towards bank although there are really great finds on Glebe Avenue as well. Skip Clemow, they’re don’t seem to want to participate as much, at least not this year.

3- If stuff looks overpriced, good luck getting them to negotiate. There seems to be two type of people who participate in these sales. Those who want to just get rid of as much stuff as possible and those trying to make a profit. The ones trying to make a profit rarely budge (aka, that playhouse place).

4- Buy polish sausage from the Polish guy! There’s a guy who sells hot dogs and sausages every year with his wife on the corner of Glebe and Percy. He makes a mean polish sausage. This year he was also selling clogs from Poland as well.

5- Make sure to leave some time for the sidewalk sales on Bank Street. After walking through the neighbourhood, check out Bank street. There are always great sales. Especially from the Glebe Emporium, Fab Baby Gear, Home Hardware and the Body Shop.  I always save some money to hit this place last.

6- Make sure you have money with you beforehand. The ATMs empty fast.


Bathrooms update May 27, 2012

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Well we’re almost done the bathroom. We pretty much just have to put the door and the door frame back on. These pics aren’t what it looks like now, we’ve since installed the toilet and installed the shower curtain rod. So there’s just little accessories to put up here and there. Anyways, I totally forgot to take a before picture so the “before” pic I have is of the bathroom actually destroyed.

I’m trying to figure out what colour to choose for my shower curtain. I’m debating something with bright yellow in it. Also thinking of using some kind of bamboo wood for accessories. Thoughts?

Before after we took out the toilet and the old tub and ugly 90s wall tile.

The old vanity was ugly oak. Terrible… Oh and don’t get me started on the linoleum floor.

Our new subway tiled wall and grey floor. Oh and the super deep tub.

The new vanity/countertop/sink and faucet. I sanded down the doors and put on a light grey coat of primer/paint. Still trying to figure out what to put as handles though. I also love the tile baseboards as well.

Wall medicine cabinet. Painted it as well the same colour as the vanity.


Making Art

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One of the fun things we’ve discovered with having a kid is all the cool stuff that’s no longer “technically acceptable” for adults to play with.  I’ve been drawing, painting and playing with play doh like nobody’s business.

Chris got in on the fun also.

Finger painting with daddy.


AS you can see, Chris is loving this. Henry….not so much.


And we’re continuing long after Henry has lost interest.




Showing off his artwork. Chris ended up giving it to his mom as a belated mother’s day gift.




Death Wish

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Nope, this post isn’t about the awesome movie starring Charles Bronson, it’s about my 15 month old. I’ve mentioned in the past that Henry is a bit reckless, well I’m changing it now to fearless. He’s just into climbing everything these days. He has this little play desk that he had started climbing recently and we kept having to tell him “Non! Descend!” well now he pushes the little desk up against our buffet so that he can climb and stand on his desk and reach for stuff on the buffet.

He’s also started climbing the sofa just to jump off it. He crumples to the ground, will lie there and, I’m guessing here, assessing if all his bones are intact and then gets up and does it again.

Yesterday we went to our friends Ross and Selena’s for their son Declan’s birthday and Henry kind of just climbed fully dressed into the blow up pool then climbed up this playstructure they have without a care in the world.

Do they make a drug for kids to feel fear? We bought Henry a helmet for when we go biking with him, I’m tempted to have him wear it all the time.


I’m going to try and wedge myself through these bars here… Just enough to get stuck and freak out.


I’m going to launch off this thing.


Ok, so I kind of helped him out a bit here but it was either that or let him climb Ginger on his own.




What’s the number for Children’s Aid again?


Does this helmet make my ears look big?


Lazy Post May 21, 2012

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So the camera with all the pictures we took this weekend is all the way upstairs and it’s hot up there, so I thought I’d put up this family resemblance pic. I didn’t think Henry really looked like any of us until I saw this one that my dad scanned for me.

Who’s that baby??!


To my mom! May 13, 2012

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So by writing about his mom, Chris made me look a bad daughter…. Seriously though, I was planning on writing something about my mom but it was going to be something lame like “Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom ever…I forgive you now for crying at my sweet sixteen, I totally understand now where you were coming from!” Anyways, not to be bettered by my better half, I’ll tag onto what Chris said and add

“Thanks for helping me bring into this world the most important person in my life”

Oh and sorry for swearing at you while it was happening…




Happy Mothers Day (by Chris) May 12, 2012

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Dear Mom,

Thank you very much for being my mom.  You taught me so much growing up and put up with a lot raising me from a baby into who I am today.  Now that I am a parent I feel I appreciate more and more how wonderful a mother you are.  Here is a very small list of all the things I am thankful to you for:

Thank you for teaching me to be silly

Thank you for teaching me not just how to cook but to love food.

Thank you for not knowing whats for dinner even though you are halfway through cooking it.

Thank you for being able to take jokes about tai chi (and vegetarianism and a myriad of other topics)

Thank you for giving it as good as you got it.

Thank you for some truly horrible games of tic tac toe.

Thank you for all the travels we have been on and all the unforgettable experiences during them

Thank you for trying to teach me piano and to be musical (I’m sure its not your fault that I failed horribly)

Thank you for showing me the beauty of a sunset on the pacific

Thank you for the way you answer the phone when I call.  You always make it sound like I am making your day by calling.

Thank you for showing me how to be silly in public

Thank you for being a great grandmother

Thank you for teaching me that language is a toolbox.

Thank you for raising me to be the man I need to be for this little man

Happy Mothers day

I love you