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Look Away 12 Year Old Henry… April 23, 2012

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Henry’s been really into sorting things lately. It’s pretty much the only way I can keep him distracted in the morning while I get ready. He usually opens the drawers to the bathroom vanity and goes nuts. He’s lately taken a shining to organizing feminine hygiene products. It’s pretty cute since he’s really serious about sorting things by colour. He sticks his little tongue out like he’s deep in concentration as he puts tampons into neat little colour coded piles. He also kind of takes pads out of the bag holding them and then puts them back in. His future 12 year old self would be mortified.

I'm not doing anything I swear.


I have a problem...


Other stuff that took place this weekend:

Chris bought a tux top for Henry for all the weddings we're attending this summer. He looks like a spiffy Maitre D.


Remember that closet that Chris and I spent so much time and money organizing to make it look awesome. Well Henry has turned it into a nest of sorts...


Every time we put our shoes up, Henry goes in and pulls them down and then just hangs out on them.


Henry learned to say "Atti" this weekend, much to Atticus' dismay.


Big smiles for mommy! Henry's top tooth is coming out and it's massive. It looks like a giant beaver tooth coming out there.


Henry took the lens cover and decided this photo shoot was over by jamming it back on the camera.



One Response to “Look Away 12 Year Old Henry…”

  1. odette Says:

    Oh mon doux qu’il est cute dans son tuxedo!

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