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Weekend Fun April 15, 2012

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Thought I’d be lazy and post our weekend in pics. Starting Thursday though when my mom and grandmother picked up Henry from daycare.

Fell asleep on my mom who then put him on the couch. I came home to this view on Thursday after work.


Went to the Barley Mow on Saturday night for dinner with our friends Caitlin and Brian. By the fireplace there was a model of the Titanic. Kind of fitting on the 100 year anniversary.


Caitlin and Brian giving the Thumbs Up!


Henry was super chatty all night. We had a hard time getting a word in.


On our way home from the pub (yeah walking distance!!) I find the look Chris is giving here kind of murderous.


Chris was working all weekend on the bathroom, tiling and drilling plywood into the floor (don’t ask me why). Yesterday my brother in-law Tom helped out a bit while I was out helping my sister Melissa figure out what decorations she wants for her wedding. So it was kind of a crazy busy weekend. I’m looking forward to getting our weekends back. I think we’re going to take a break between the main upstairs bathroom and the ensuite just to have a few weekends to ourselves.

This morning Henry started a new game called "dog food letters" He basically takes his magnetic letters and opens the dog food container and methodically puts each letter in one at a time.


It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.


The cute thing about it is that he takes these little tasks so seriously. He's all about sorting stuff these days and it's like the fate of the world depends on him completing his tasks.


all done!


Another thing that took place this weekend... Henry found his belly button.


Finally finished the powder room with all the decor. This was one of the better pics I could take. Henry was busy on the floor taking down everything under the sink. The colour used to be a terra cotta orangy colour that you felt the walls closing in every time you were there. Now it feels all zen and relaxing!


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