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Apologies to All… April 9, 2012

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If you’ve seen me this weekend, I may have given you a stomach bug. I woke up yesterday morning feeling a little off thinking maybe it was because I had had beef for every meal the day before (not something I usually do). By 5:30pm though there was no mistaking the flu like symptoms I was having. Unfortunately the flu only really kicked in when I was already at my mom’s for Easter dinner. I missed out on all the good looking food and spent a large part of the evening lying in my mom’s guest bed. Henry had a good day though.

check out my outfit


Henry's cousin Stella


Is that a rabbit or Josie?


I don't like this on me, take it off.


applauding myself


Stella offering her bottle to Henry as she's appropriated his sippy cup.


checking out all the toys grand-maman has...


grand-papa showing Henry the fish in the pond


getting his tractor obsession on a little earlier than anticipated.


Hiding from everyone.


Oh... grand grand-maman found me!


I'm one cool dude


Logan and Henry getting spoiled


Niko almost falling asleep in his high chair.


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