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Gotta Have It!! April 6, 2012

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I may have inadvertently created a monster. About a week and a half ago I thought it would be fun to let Henry eat Cheerios. We had tried it when he was younger and it didn’t work out so well but I thought we’d try again. Well now it’s pretty much the only thing he’ll eat. I’m not kidding. He refuses to eat anything now except for Cheerios and cereal bars. We’ve tried so many different things and he’s not interested. He’ll sometimes eat yogurt and we can usually get him to eat a toast with peanut butter in the morning  but for the rest of the time, it’s all Cheerios, all the time. He’ll twist in his high chair and point to where we keep the Cheerios and freak out. We even tried to give him french fries today at a restaurant, trying to entice him with junk food and he wouldn’t budge. I’m hoping this phase doesn’t last too long, he’s a pretty skinny guy, I need him to bulk up a bit.


I'm a full on grain-atarian.


Wish I could get my arm in all the way to the bottom


I'm carbo loading (he shoved half a cereal bar in there)


This has nothing to do with Cheerios, it's just a cute picture!


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