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Look Away 12 Year Old Henry… April 23, 2012

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Henry’s been really into sorting things lately. It’s pretty much the only way I can keep him distracted in the morning while I get ready. He usually opens the drawers to the bathroom vanity and goes nuts. He’s lately taken a shining to organizing feminine hygiene products. It’s pretty cute since he’s really serious about sorting things by colour. He sticks his little tongue out like he’s deep in concentration as he puts tampons into neat little colour coded piles. He also kind of takes pads out of the bag holding them and then puts them back in. His future 12 year old self would be mortified.

I'm not doing anything I swear.


I have a problem...


Other stuff that took place this weekend:

Chris bought a tux top for Henry for all the weddings we're attending this summer. He looks like a spiffy Maitre D.


Remember that closet that Chris and I spent so much time and money organizing to make it look awesome. Well Henry has turned it into a nest of sorts...


Every time we put our shoes up, Henry goes in and pulls them down and then just hangs out on them.


Henry learned to say "Atti" this weekend, much to Atticus' dismay.


Big smiles for mommy! Henry's top tooth is coming out and it's massive. It looks like a giant beaver tooth coming out there.


Henry took the lens cover and decided this photo shoot was over by jamming it back on the camera.



Weekend Fun April 15, 2012

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Thought I’d be lazy and post our weekend in pics. Starting Thursday though when my mom and grandmother picked up Henry from daycare.

Fell asleep on my mom who then put him on the couch. I came home to this view on Thursday after work.


Went to the Barley Mow on Saturday night for dinner with our friends Caitlin and Brian. By the fireplace there was a model of the Titanic. Kind of fitting on the 100 year anniversary.


Caitlin and Brian giving the Thumbs Up!


Henry was super chatty all night. We had a hard time getting a word in.


On our way home from the pub (yeah walking distance!!) I find the look Chris is giving here kind of murderous.


Chris was working all weekend on the bathroom, tiling and drilling plywood into the floor (don’t ask me why). Yesterday my brother in-law Tom helped out a bit while I was out helping my sister Melissa figure out what decorations she wants for her wedding. So it was kind of a crazy busy weekend. I’m looking forward to getting our weekends back. I think we’re going to take a break between the main upstairs bathroom and the ensuite just to have a few weekends to ourselves.

This morning Henry started a new game called "dog food letters" He basically takes his magnetic letters and opens the dog food container and methodically puts each letter in one at a time.


It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.


The cute thing about it is that he takes these little tasks so seriously. He's all about sorting stuff these days and it's like the fate of the world depends on him completing his tasks.


all done!


Another thing that took place this weekend... Henry found his belly button.


Finally finished the powder room with all the decor. This was one of the better pics I could take. Henry was busy on the floor taking down everything under the sink. The colour used to be a terra cotta orangy colour that you felt the walls closing in every time you were there. Now it feels all zen and relaxing!


Apologies to All… April 9, 2012

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If you’ve seen me this weekend, I may have given you a stomach bug. I woke up yesterday morning feeling a little off thinking maybe it was because I had had beef for every meal the day before (not something I usually do). By 5:30pm though there was no mistaking the flu like symptoms I was having. Unfortunately the flu only really kicked in when I was already at my mom’s for Easter dinner. I missed out on all the good looking food and spent a large part of the evening lying in my mom’s guest bed. Henry had a good day though.

check out my outfit


Henry's cousin Stella


Is that a rabbit or Josie?


I don't like this on me, take it off.


applauding myself


Stella offering her bottle to Henry as she's appropriated his sippy cup.


checking out all the toys grand-maman has...


grand-papa showing Henry the fish in the pond


getting his tractor obsession on a little earlier than anticipated.


Hiding from everyone.


Oh... grand grand-maman found me!


I'm one cool dude


Logan and Henry getting spoiled


Niko almost falling asleep in his high chair.


14 Months April 7, 2012

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Henry turned 14 months today and we celebrated by going to have an Easter egg hunt at Gillian and George’s. Josie and her friend Ronin did really well. Henry kind of stayed in the same spot putting the same eggs in his basket then taking them out and doing it all over again.

Let the hunt begin!


This is so exciting!


found some


I love what we're doing!



take these out of the basket and back on the fence.



We then went for Easter dinner at my dad’s house. Henry had a blast.

check out my Julia Roberts lips


I'm not up to anything, I swear...


I love this little bench. It's just the right height for me.


What the heck are you doing up there?


Mill Street Madness April 6, 2012

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Chris and I decided to go check out the Mill Street Brew Pub today. We brought Henry and he loved it. Yes he only ate Cheerios but he loved it anyways. He fell in love with pretty much all of the waitresses and they loved him. There was one waitress though who seemed pretty busy and wouldn’t really fawn over Henry so of course, like any guy, she’s the one he wanted to impress the most. I felt bad for the little guy.

Hey Ladies...

our drinks

Peekaboo with the waitress

Walking out on my own

We came home, took a nap then went for a long walk this afternoon. Pretty productive day.

wooooaaaah... almost lost my balance

Ginger looking like the luck dragon from Never Ending Story... doesn't she look wise here?


Gotta Have It!!

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I may have inadvertently created a monster. About a week and a half ago I thought it would be fun to let Henry eat Cheerios. We had tried it when he was younger and it didn’t work out so well but I thought we’d try again. Well now it’s pretty much the only thing he’ll eat. I’m not kidding. He refuses to eat anything now except for Cheerios and cereal bars. We’ve tried so many different things and he’s not interested. He’ll sometimes eat yogurt and we can usually get him to eat a toast with peanut butter in the morningĀ  but for the rest of the time, it’s all Cheerios, all the time. He’ll twist in his high chair and point to where we keep the Cheerios and freak out. We even tried to give him french fries today at a restaurant, trying to entice him with junk food and he wouldn’t budge. I’m hoping this phase doesn’t last too long, he’s a pretty skinny guy, I need him to bulk up a bit.


I'm a full on grain-atarian.


Wish I could get my arm in all the way to the bottom


I'm carbo loading (he shoved half a cereal bar in there)


This has nothing to do with Cheerios, it's just a cute picture!


Raccoon Problem in our Yard April 1, 2012

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We’re having a bit of a raccoon problem in our backyard lately. We can’t seem to get rid of the little bugger…


Here he is on our deck, acting like he owns the place


Oh crap, he's coming towards me!


This one can walk on its hind legs!


As I mentioned, we tried everything to deter it from coming back.


we thought swinging it around would scare it off but it seems to have liked it.


Burying it in leaves didn't work either.


We even tried to throw it away as high as possible but it came right back down.


Shaking it upside down didn't work either.


We actually had a lot of fun in the backyard yesterday. Henry loves being outside now and kind of freaks out if we carry him. He wants to walk and explore everything.


I find this picture hilarious. It's like "Babies falling from the sky!!!"


exploring the edge of the deck with daddy


Meanwhile inside, Atticus was having a seizure.

The demons have got me!


and then realized I was snapping away.

That was a private moment Melina. You'll be hearing from my lawyer.


Henry then invented a new snack called “Floorios”

It wasn't me, I swear!


I'll be extra cute and doff my cap to you to distract you from the mess.


And then put it back on slyly a la Justin Timberlake.


All those activites made for a lot of dirt. So…