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Quick, Call the Whaaaambulance March 28, 2012

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Henry’s been kind of driving me nuts lately. He’s in this phase where if things don’t work out for him IMMEDIATELY he loses it. Like when I pull his hands away from the electrical outlet (after he so quickly removes the “child safety” plug) and say “no, I’d rather you not electrocute yourself” he drops to the ground and freaks out screaming and wailing as if I told him Elmo had been murdered or something (yeah, he really loves Elmo). Or another example, we’ve been playing with shapes a lot lately and he’ll be trying to jam the square shape into the circle hole and after a few seconds will freak out that it’s not working out. If I step out of the room for too long, he starts whining and it’s a pretty annoying sound. I know he’s teething and all but I thought I had given him better coping skills than what he’s demonstrating right now. I kind of feel like he’s crying every single day about something.  My friend Erin was telling me that with her first child Eleanor, it was very difficult to get through the 13 to 16 month age range since Eleanor was frustrated all the time and crying and whining and clingy. It kind of made me feel a bit better about the situation, that it’s not necessarily my kid but more of a phase they seem to go through.

And now, pics of Henry crying!





I don't know which way I want to go right now...


These moments make up for the crying though…

I'm going to get you Ginger!!!


you're funny!


attempt at peekaboo with spoons.


This table is delicious...


One Response to “Quick, Call the Whaaaambulance”

  1. Kelly Says:

    We have those turquoise penguin pjs! In nb size though.

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