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Hunger Strike! March 6, 2012

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Henry has been a terrible eater lately. I keep getting feedback that he’s not eating much at daycare and at home he eats even less. He’s drinking a ton of whole milk. I think we’ve been through two cartons since last Thursday but he’s not interested in food. I half wonder if it’s some form of protest about Chris being gone. He’s been a little “off” lately. Like at night he’ll have these crying fits that are just heartbreaking to hear. I’ll be holding him trying to comfort him and he’s just giving these giant sobs like he’s super sad. I’m hoping this will pass soon. Last night I just rocked with him until he fell asleep and let him stay on me. It’s like he needed to feel close to someone. I can’t wait to see his face when Chris gets home. He gets home this evening. Depending on traffic, he’ll either get to see Henry tonight or tomorrow morning, but regardless, he’ll be super happy. Every time I’m on the phone lately, he’ll point to the phone and say “dada??”.

I'm not eating until YOU come home!

In other news, now that Chris is probably somewhere over western Europe, I can safely come clean and talk about all the renovations I’ve been doing while he as away. This “guerrilla renovating” plan goes all the way back to May 2010. When I got back from Haiti, Chris had done a ton of renovating. He rebuilt our front porch, finished our basement floors, completely landscaped our front and back yard. I had promised myself I would do something similar for him one day. Cut to almost two years later and I finally had my opportunity. So on the list of things done:

1- I painted a wall in our living room to match the other three walls. It used to be this:

Hello, just call me dated


and now it’s this:

much better!


There’s just so much more light now in the living room and I feel like I can hang more art on that wall. Before the wall itself was the accent of the room, now I can play around with what I want to accent.

2-  I had a ceiling fan installed in our bedroom. My brother in-law Tom came over to help out do it for me. It was a super long day since there was nothing there originally. So he had to go up in the attic, cut a hole in our ceiling, play around with wiring. I saw the inside of Home Depot this weekend more often than I care to remember. Meanwhile, my sister Melissa was looking after Henry and my sister Steph and her kids came over Saturday to hang out with Henry. It was a zoo. Kids running around everyone, making a mess; construction going on upstairs; animals everywhere. At the end of the day, pretty much everyone was exhausted although at the same time, I had a lot of fun with my family. It reminded me of times when my entire family was at the cottage doing some big reno project. Sorry no pics yet of this one but it looks awesome!

3- Tom came back again on Sunday to work on our downstairs powder room. I basically wanted the toilet and countertop/faucets replaced. What started out as a simple job ended up being complicated by the fact that the previous owners of my house cut a lot of corners when doing their own renovations. I guess they fancied themselves to be DIYers and almost ruined our basement in the process. They had tiled the bathroom but failed to lengthen the main toilet pipe to compensate for the extra space the tiles would create. Instead, they put these little foam spacers between the pipe and the toilet. So when Tom removed the old toilet, a bunch of water leaked everywhere in the bathroom and he told me it was about to start leaking into our basement ceiling. Basically we caught it in time but he had to then take extra time to make sure that didn’t happen again and fix what they messed up. We then took out the sink only to find it starting to rust through so I had to rush back out to, you guessed it, Home Depot, to buy a sink. Then while installing the sink we noticed the home builders took some short cuts with the piping and that the holes of the sink did not line up with the hole of the pipes. Short story long, we couldn’t finish the bathroom on Sunday so it’s kind of a blocked zone until Tom comes back next Sunday to redo the pipe work.

We’ll see how much Chris notices tonight when he gets home!

Helping mom choose a possible countertop


Hmm.. this one has some pros...


I'm really feeling this one.


I haven’t talked much about Henry’s walking over here at this blog. I kind of dropped the ball severely with capturing that specific moment. I just wasn’t sure if a few steps consisted of walking or not? Or is it when they chose to no longer crawl? Henry’s now at the point where he can walk a fair bit although he’ll eventually go back to crawling on the floor. I can say that in the past weekend though he’s grown leaps and bounds when it comes to the walking thing. He’ll be in the hallway and I’ll be in my bedroom putting stuff away and he’ll come walking in. Slowly but surely. It’s really cute when he’s almost to where he wants to be. It’s like his excitement gets the best of him. He starts getting all giddy and laughing hysterically and he puts his arms up in a kind of “VICTORY” pose. You know, the holding your hands together and lifting your arms and shaking them side to side like saying “Success!!!”

I'm coming to get you!


Side note: I bought the Kiss Me I’m Irish onesie for St-Patty’s day thinking it would look super cute at the daycare, then realized that St-Patty’s is on a Saturday… bummer. So I’m making the entire month of March and Irish love fest (I also want to get my money’s worth of this item of clothing).




2 Responses to “Hunger Strike!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Isn’t it fun to renovate and find what the people before you neglected?? Yeah, our bathroom reno was like that too. Soooo many trips to the various hardware stores around. In the end it will look great though!

  2. Caitlin Says:

    Love the living room, looks soo much brighter!
    Good job on doing all those jobs AND having Henry around. Trooper!

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