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What To Do When You’re Sick February 18, 2012

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Well the entire family is sick. Henry caught it first and it spread like wildfire to the remaining members. I was warned daycare would be like this. Yesterday at work, I was sniffling away, trying to last out the entire day but ended up leaving 30 minutes early. And boy am I glad I did. Had I left on time I would have missed out on the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen happen on the highway. I was driving west on the 417 (yeah I took my car in yesterday). As I reach the exit right before mine, Moodie for those who know it, an unmarked cop car comes swerving out of nowhere and starts slaloming across all four lanes of traffic. As we’re slowly following this crazy cop car, traffic was down to like 20 km an hour and I was only 2 cars behind the cop car, I kept running through a bunch of potential scenarios as to why the hell he was doing this. I had come up with the following possibilities

1- the guy had a bunch of bees in his car

2- someone drunk, had stolen the cop car

3- this was some kind of public safety announcement about how the cops were going to crack down on distracted drivers.

Anyways, before long, traffic was back to normal and I didn’t know why until I crested a hill and saw two other cop cars basically blocking in this truck that was plastered with posters about it being judgement day and there was crap strewn across the highway. I have no idea what happened, but man was it intriguing!

Anywho, back to being sick. We’re bumming around home today. Chris was making a bunch of soup and Henry and I played upstairs. I decided to make a castle with all his megablocks while he distractedly played with a little car we got from a party loot bag (Thanks Michelle and Evan!).

I shall call it Winterfell

Crow's eye view

Another side shot...

Henry waited until I was completely finished and then, with a bit of encouraging from his father, went to town destroying my beautiful Winterfell…

Here comes trouble

Knocking down the bell tower

Destroying the gate

There's goes the top floors

Even Winterfell's bannermen "the Frogmen" couldn't stop the destruction

You tried your best Kermitt

Oh and I as Henry was destroying Winterfell, I kept narrating it and Chris told me he thinks I may have had a break with reality and that I should possibly put down the Game of Throne series until I feel a bit better. Pff… I’m fine. He wouldn’t be saying that if he had read the books.


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