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12 Months Old aka 1 YEAR!!! February 7, 2012

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Yep, Henry turned one today and I survived it without shedding any tears. Henry slept through the entire night which was awesome. He hasn’t been sleeping through the night since before Christmas so I was really grateful. He slept from 6:30 to 5:30 then went back to sleep until almost 8am! We had a quick breakfast then headed out to Aylmer to my sister Steph for a visit with her son Niko. We then all four of us went to Steph’s friend Melanie for a first birthday photo shoot. Melanie is a hobby photographer and has quite the setup at her place so she snapped away as Henry modeled for us. He even managed to take a step while showing off his standing moves. She must have taken about 500 pictures today so I can’t wait to see how they turned out. She sent me one of them to show how it turned out which I’ll post here as his “after” pic. So without further ado, here’s Henry before and now!


February 7, 2011. I think this is one of my favourite pics of Henry has a newborn. I just love how cozy he looks.


February 7, 2012. One of Melanie's photos. It's like he's about to say "And another thing!"


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