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Arrr Matey! February 5, 2012

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We celebrated Henry’s first birthday today. I woke up super emotional about the fact that my little guy is growing up. Technically I still have two days until he’s officially 12 months old but it was still hard. The way Henry crawls around, he kind of scoots like he has a peg leg and will often do this snarly face so we thought a pirate theme for his first birthday would suit him well. For decorating, I tried DIY-ing it as much as possible. I made a little no sew pennant banner, wrapped some twine around swing cap beer bottles, bought a bunch of chocolate dollar coins  and made a few pirate flags out of black cardboard. Anywho, without further ado, here’s Henry’s bday in pics.

Our piano turned into a treasure chest


My banner turned a little "American" after I hung it up. The black and white dots kind of look blue with the sun streaming through. Oh well..


Avast Ye Scallywags!


Bit more decor. We had an extra flag in a potted plant on the other side of the baby gate. Henry decided he didn't like it there and shoved the entire plant down the stairs. I spent about 30 minutes before the party vacuuming our stairs.


Cap'n Henry ready to scourge the seas!


Food! Chris made an excellent healthy spread.


Which I countered with decadent cupcakes. I was going to make nice red and white swirls on my cupcakes and then quickly realized that it's freaking hard, so I made "X marks the spot" instead.


Henry doing his pirate snear/grin


My nephew Logan gets the big comfy chair for his meal.


My nephew Niko sitting in the Cap'n Chair for a bit of grub.


My niece Josie enjoying Chris' delicious spread and sitting on her mom Gill.


Trying his cupcake. Henry started by taking these tiny little morcels of icing...


...and then decided it was best to just dig in.


Why don't we eat this every day???


I am not going to nap today ok?


I snuck upstairs and found Atticus in hog heaven!




Opening gifts and flirting with uncle George


Niko getting into the pirate spirit


Gill getting into the spirit as well


Chris as well


Logan also!


Marty really got into the spirit and brought an actual sword.


A collage of Henry breakdancing for everyone.... ok he was just standing up and then falling back down but it was highly entertaining and he was really proud.


After everyone left, Henry slept for all of 40 minutes. I think he was a little high on the sugar. We then decided to put on a little fashion show of one of the items Henry received.


Very Justin Timberlake!


Chris trying to look debonnair with the hat.


Trying myself


Ginger wins!


So now we have a child’s birthday party under our belts. It’s a lot of energy and work but worth it to see our breakdancing baby happy!




One Response to “Arrr Matey!”

  1. Linda Says:

    smiled through all the pics guys…Henry you are the cats meow boy!!! Sure had a mighty fine bday…it looked fantastic…birthday wishes and glad he had a great time…ginger you look smashing in the hat…suits ya girl…xxoo

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